Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bananas and Bobby

Hi folks!

First, an interesting fact: tourists stop me and Father when we're out walking to take pictures of me!

Well, the snow has all gone...

Which means I can go out and play properly! Of course, I will miss the snow though!

Firstly, today I tried banana. Eve I (of course) chopped it up and ate little bitties. It tasted good, so I put some in my Kong and in my bowl! It was a bit messy, but yummy!

With all that banana energy, it was time to go outside and play!

We got some really good long runs with the ball, and I was running very fast!
But then, Bobby starting barking at his window so his owners let him out into their front "garden".
he has the shrillest girliest loudest bark ever. He is not very nice and chases dogs like me, so of course
I'm terrified of him.

I lay down out of view of him, but Eve tried to get me to keep playing!
No no!

Eve has done the speaking for me in this video, and also I understand it's not easy to see Bobby but you can hear him!

The last video stops slightly short, because we suddenly heard Bobby's owner shouting to him that she was away to let him out the gate! (to chase me inside)
So we ran inside to hide!!!

*if you don't want to listen to me moaning, skip this until the next picture*

She does this all the time, because when I go outside to play, Bobby gets jealous and barks at the window. Then they let him out and he barks at the gate. Then they let him out and he tries to eat me!

They're not very good owners either, because they don't take him for walks!
That's why he is so jealous and evil. He is cooped up all the time, poor thing.

Oh, and if it was anyone else's dog outside barking that loudly, his owners would be complaining straight away! Not fair!


Bye for now!
Pippa :) wuf wuf


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snoozy, snowy Sunday

Hello folks!

Today, through the cold, snow and ice, came Eve and her parent people! As usual, I performed some double pirouettes and foute turns!
 They were planning to walk me, but the icy pavements disapproved. So instead, Eve and I played outside in the back... Woof!

As you can see, my snow has begun to melt. (whine) But never fear! It will be back tomorrow, I have decided.

It was snowing today, but just a wee bit! Tiny bits of snow were falling on me and making my fur look speckly!

Sometimes I don't run back to Eve with the ball, because I have my own ideas...

I got tired very quickly today! Also, it was very chilly!

Eve brought me inside where she attacked me with the brush. I kept trying to ninja jump off of the table I was on, but she kept catching me.We fell out after about a quarter of an hour of brushing because I have brush-phobia. But it was worth it, this was the outcome...

Yes, that little fluffy monster (not the one with ears and paws and a tail!) is my hair that was brushed off. You may have noticed that I'm not looking terribly happy about it. You see, the process was painful for me! Woof!

My coat was more smooth now!

We tried to do some tricks and stuff, but really I just wanted to lie down and snooze...

Everybody tickled my tummy and I was a very lazy doggie! When Eve tried to tickle my tummy, I ran away, just in case she had the brush up her sleeve.

She kept trying to make me play, but I made it clear that because she had just brushed me, I was not happy to play or speak to her. Woof, woof.

Except when she took out a treat for me! I tried to give her lickies and everything, and we made up to each other! It's not fun keeping a grudge against your friend, just because they brushed you!

So fellow friends, todays moral is, "DON'T FALL OUT WITH YOUR HUMAN-PERSON WHEN THEY BRUSH YOU." or is it only me who doesn't enjoy the brush?

Tutty-bye for now!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

P.S. Eve was at a friends house yesterday where they decorated mugs. naturally, she did one of me! It looked rather lovely until she washed it and my face half-dissapeared! Oh well!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Finally, snow photos!

Eve came around at lunch today because she had a packed lunch and wanted to eat it with me. (Grace wasn't there because earlier she had been sick in a corridor in school)

When Eve came in, I did the usual - decorating her school blazer with doggie hair. She was telling me that the paths were very icy and slippy!

Actually, before she came in I also had been sick because I'd had a "who can eat their dinner the fastest" race with Meece the cat. I ended up throwing-up a whole lump of my lamb and rice goo.

Eve ate her sandwich, then we went outside to play in the snow! We had to be quick though because Eve's school was having a short lunch so they could close early later on.

We tried to get some nice photos of me but I couldn't stop barking!
First there was a lady with a pram, who I sort of creeped out, then there was a scottie called Bobby barking at the window.

So here are the pics...
                     Woof! -->

                                  <-- I can hear barking!

   My paws are rather chilly! -->

                      <-- This snow is rather chilly too!

                         <-- I think I blinked there!

And here are a couple of videos. The first one is me just lying and barking a bit. It's very short.
The second one is Eve trying to get me to play and run around!

I'm really sorry the second one is sidey ways, I just couldn't fix it!

Hope you liked these!

Happy Tuesday!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Monday, 14 January 2013


Yep, you guessed it.

It came this morning and lightly lay on the ground.
Then it stopped, it was a wee bit like a preview of what was to come!

And what came was like a blizzard......
I love snow!

Stuff I do in snow...

  • Roll in it.
  • Stick my nose in it
  • Chase it
  • Dance in it
  • Run all over at least one hundred times (I was being modest, at least one billion)
  • Eat it
  • Turn it yellow! (but only when I feel the need to)
So, as you can see, I quite enjoy snow!

This afternoon, I got a phone call from Eve. She regularly phones me to speak to me. I licked and snuffled around the phone a lot, because that's how I have conversations with human-people.

Eve told me the most heart-breaking story of how she planned to come and secretly steal me to have a fun walk and take lots of photographs for my bloggy. But unfortunately, the sky went dark, the snow got worse and the roads got evil. So she couldn't come.

As usual, I ran to the door to wait for her, because my brain is programmed to run to the door when someone says Eve or I speak to her on the phone.

I waited about a minute, but she didn't come in. Maybe my brain didn't hear when she said "I can't come".

So, sadly, there are no fresh snow pictures... woof...
But here are some from 2011! When I was 6 months old!

I'm not playing in the it, because this was my first snow, and I was very curious of it!
But that has all changed!

Maybe I'll have some more snowy photos for you later this week!

Pippa :) wuf wuf
P.S. It's not as deep as the American snow was.
P.P.S. I made a new little page for feedback because I like new advice and suggestions, and comments are my favourite things - after toys. you can find it near-ish the top of this page.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Last day of Christmas!

Today was sadly the last day of Christmas! Woof.
Eve came and made me wear the hat she made one last time...

I am now very good at taking it off, because it gets in the way if I'm playing with the ball!

Here's an extra special little treat, Eve found these photos of the first time I was allowed outside. I went to their garden and attacked a football which was bigger than me!

I was very cute, if I say so myself!
It was also the start of tennis ball loving life!

I was very unfluffy back then!

Thanks for visiting!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Saturday, 5 January 2013

My little adventure and Learning agility!

This morning, Eve and Grace's parent people came and took me for a very long walk.
We went down many roads until we reached one and I knew where I was!
I began to pull at the lead with excitement because we were on Grace and Eve's street!

We got to their house and I burst with excitement when I saw Eve! I didn't see Grace much today because she was very tired and stayed inside.

Eve had chopped up little red thingies called Strawberries for me. I ate them and they were very yummy! Is it alright for doggies to eat strawberries?

Me and Eve went on a little adventure. There is a small pet shop just up the road from their house so we walked up there.

But it was closed!

I was confused because under the notice on the door was an "open" sign!
This is me looking sad in the shop door...

But it was alright because we would go somewhere else, wouldn't we?

We went to the Gardens! Here are my pictures...

There were lots of duckies...

The blue bridge...

And the rest of the pictures...

Oh, my first Saturday Steps! (Thanks for the idea George the Lad)

Then we went back home.
You can probably remember from Christmas that I'm not allowed in Grace and Eve's house. Me and Eve went into the garden and had a brilliant idea to make some agility jumps!
I've never tried agility before and I really enjoyed it!

We started jumping over Eve's leg, then the little agility jump and then the "big" one!
Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of it but here's a picture...

Eve tells me to go "over" the jump, but sometimes I just went a bit crazy...

Eve's mum cut up some apple for me, I like apple!

Then they went inside to have food, and I cried outside.

Then, Eve had to go and drop off a card to her friends house.
We walked along together and when we got there, their Springer Spaniel Dermott couldn't leave me alone.

He is very silly, he tries to bury toys under the kitchen floor and chases shiny things and he literally never stops wagging his tail!

Everyone patted me a lot which I loved, and then we had to go! Bye bye!

But then Eve's other friend popped out of her door to give Eve a little note.
Her little sisters came to the door as well, and I licked their feet!

We walked home after that and played in the garden again!

These are my snob faces...

And then I got tired...

Time to go home!

Bye bye!

Thanks for visiting!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Famous again!

There's a thingie in our local papers where you send photos in of your pets. They're all put on a double page with everyone's pictures!
On Saturday, my picture was in the papers!
But I didn't see it because we don't buy that papers! :(

Eve had sent it in a while ago, because they read those papers. But on Saturday they forgot to buy the papers!! They didn't see it either! :(

But my human auntie saw it, so all is good! :)

I like being famous!

Pippa :) wuf wuf

Belated Happy New Year!

Ok, so I would have posted this yesterday if they hadn't all left me in the house to go see the Panto. I need help typing things you know! Technology, tut tut...

Yesterday, Eve took me out for walkies (this was before they all went to see the pantomime). We had fun and I was sort of smiling.

This was me in the Westburn park...

This was me in the Victoria park...

 We went home and Grace and mother wanted to watch the Disney film Brave.
Me and Eve had no interest in doing that, so we played instead!

This was me playing with the ball...

As you can see, we didn't have a lot of room to throw the ball. And it might have hit the cat, who has a cold! We would have gone outside but it was too cold.
Also, Meece chooses to sit with all of the rubbish to be recycled, we don't put her there!!!

This is me making funny noises when I play tuggy...

Eve says I sound a little bit like Gollum. Gollum is scary, and I'm not! How dare she!

See you all soon!
Pippa :) wuf wuf