Friday, 25 March 2016

Still alive!

Hello folks!
I guess I've got a LOT of explaining to do!!

The past 20 odd months (outrageous Pippa!) have been incredibly busy for Eve, so I figured it would be best for me, Pippa, to give up the blogging for a little while and instead take time to tutor her so she could pass her exams. Woof!

My help really paid off, however no one told ME she would have two more years of the horrible things! Because I am such a considerate and academic dog, I figured I would be of great use to her this year, so once again, blogging got the chop. Woof!

My people are doing fine too. They're getting older and older, but they still put up with me throwing tennis balls at them, and they give me cuddles, so all is well. Grace left to go to university in Glasgow; she's studying eyes or something. I hear the Glaswegian dogs aren't quite as good as I am, heehee!

Me, I'm still trotting around, woofing and wagging. I get plenty of adventures and plenty of tummy-tickles to keep me happy. I'm 4 and a half now, would you believe it?!

During this long time, my bloggy friends have never left my mind. Even though we still have very little time to do the bloggying, I'm going to try and catch up with you all soon, once I've got Eve through her final exams. I'm struggling to teach her "fetch", "roll-over" and "eat-all-the-crumbs-off-the-floor", but I'm sure she'll get there before May comes.

How are you all doing? I know I'm really behind and I've probably missed some important things, but hopefully I'll return again soon. Woof! (No comments today because I'll feel bad if I can't return them!)

Pippa :) wuf wuf