Monday, 31 December 2012


Today is Hogmanay, tomorrow is 2013! Where has this year gone?

Let's reflect on 2012...


The toy beneath me is Squeaky. Eve and Grace gave him to me for Christmas 2011. He no longer has a tail.


Waiting for a walk with Eve!


A sunny walk!


You've seen this before maybe, but I like it. Grace sounds funny!


That day was brilliant, and very warm!


I sit very nicely when I'm tempted by a treat!


A trip to the beach!


One of the gold postboxes in my town!


This is me and Meece!


My favourite picture, me and Eve at the Victoria park, taken by Grace.


The yellow tree, in Victoria park!


Me and Eve at Christmas.

Well, this year has certainly been a brilliant year!
What's yours been like?


Today, I went to the pet shop and the beach with mother and father.
Then Grace and her dad person came to see me! They had been into town. I was happy to see them!

Except, they brought a new hoover (vacuum cleaner) because my one had died AND they hadn't brought Eve.

I ran round looking for Eve but she wasn't there! Eve? Eve? Woof! Where are you?!
Me and Eve have telepathic connections. She told me through her brain that she was at home practising her unicycling. (I'm being serious)

Usually when people say to me "Here's Eve" or "Where's Eve?", I run to the door. But today I sulked instead.

What's worse, they switched on the new hoover and it tried to eat me.

Where's Eve? I'm always happy when she's here but today I just lay down and felt sorry for myself.

Oh my dogness! I need to tell you something really scary!

We live near the theatre in town and tonight at midnight, at 2013, they are firing big sparkly things called fireworks off the top of it!

Aaaaaargh! We have a jolly good view of it from our front window, so I'll have to scream my head off while giant bright sparkly things explode over my head.

Isn't that just BRILLIANT.

Well, on a happier note, I hope everyone has a healthy, happy new year! Please do enjoy it because I will do so a lot! 

See you all in 2013!
Pippa :) wuf wuf
(in 2012)

P.S. Please make suggestions for my next word of the month, they are all welcome!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Boxing Day and what I did today


On Boxing Day I went for walkies with Grace, Eve and their parent people.
We went to the beach...

I look like I'm trying to pull away from Eve - there was probably a dog barking somewhere!
It was very chilly and there were a lot of old folks walking along (and other people, but mostly oldies!)
In the morning there were supposed to be people swimming in the freezing sea, but we missed that!

We went to see the big Christmas tree in the middle of town...

It was very big! How did they decorate it?!
I wanted my picture taken with Robert the Bruce...

There were lots of tourists around here getting their picture with the statue as well!
So I had to join in!

Boxing Day was fun, but very cold and chilly!


Today, Eve and her parent people came and took me for a walk.
Once again, it was really nippy outside!

We walked for ages around streets, they were all covered in leaves which I love!
We got to the park and I had my photo taken...

When I got home, I had to wash my bottom because unfortunately, someone had given me a raw-hide bone for Christmas which made my tummy sort of icky and my bottom sort of pooey, and I only noticed when I was out walking! (Silly me)

Eve attacked me with the brush and about four handfuls of hair was brushed off me!

Then we played together!
We played Hide and Seek first. Eve hid behind the kitchen door and I couldn't find her for about five minutes!
Of course, she found it incredibly funny because I walked right past her three times without noticing! Apparently my face was hilarious when I spotted her and I do remember jumping around a lot!

Then I learnt the art of balancing treats on my nose...

And how to crawl like a caterpillar.

Eve chopped up an apple and gave me some - it was very nice, I'm glad I tried it!
In fact, she stuffed my Kong with little bitties of apple and I finished it off in no time!

Me and Eve pulled a Christmas cracker (by now I was getting very tired)...

And then she tickled me a lot until I went to sleep!

By the way, Meece (the cat) has gone and got a cold. She coughed non stop and likes to sleep in a cardboard box beside all of the rubbish to be recycled. She's a bit strange, but oh well, she's nearly 18 years old and is completely deaf.
She likes to drink out of my water bowl!

Thanks for visiting!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you've all had a brilliant day!

Today, I went to see Grace and Eve at their house.
They were so excited, even though they're both teenagers!
I jumped out the car but I couldn't go into the house because their mum says I'm too hairy. What nonsense - I'm a sheltie!
Eve tried to smuggle me in but got caught.
So everyone went inside and left me and her outside.

Eve took out a present, it was for me!
I was too interested in her red jeans to open it so instead I vaguely watched her open it for me.
It was a Christmas hat!
Eve told me that she had sewn it so I must not eat it, whatever the excuse.

I tied it under my chin and got a bit confused - what was it, why was it on my head and how did it get there? I quickly remembered that it was a Santa hat, it was on my head because that's where hats go and Eve put it on my head. Phew. Panic over!

Except I tried to shake it off. I could just see a glimpse of something red hovering over my head. Woof!

Eve said "Lets go up to the pet shop!"
The adults said "No, it's closed."
I said "Can we go for a walk?"
The adults said "No it's too cold."
Eve and I said "But it's Christmas!"

Eve had to go inside and do something, and nobody wanted to stay outside with me.
So guess what?
I had to wait in the car.

I howled and howled and howled at the window.
What's worse, I could see Eve sadly gazing at me from the house because she couldn't come out!

Finally, we managed to get some quality time together again!

Then I had to go to my other human-cousin's house for Christmas dinner.
That was fun!

I spent the day wearing my santa hat around my neck!

Hope everyone out there on Planet Earth had a jolly Christmas!
Pippa :) wuf wuf
P.S. Might not hear from me for a while. All this blogging is tiring. In the meantime, what should my next word-of-the-month be?

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent Calendar: Day 1

I've decided to do a little advent calendar thing in the run-up to Christmas!
Every day, you will see a lovely photo of me!

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Pippa :) wuf wuf