Sunday, 17 November 2013

Luminous Leg-its

Hello folks! Woof!
Recently, I've noticed this up-and-coming breed of humans. Woof!

They're getting very common, and I like to call them The Luminous Leg-its!

Come back, come back, woof!
Here we have a fine example of a Luminous Leg-it.

We can easily recognise them due to their vivid, all-weather uniforms.

This young lady ran past me along the River Don today, and, like I always do, I thought "Ooooh, a human! Must speak to her..."

Woof, you see, I'm a very friendly dog when it comes to humans (yeah, I'm a coward with dogs), and I love speaking to everyone. At the bus stop, I walk along and all the old wifies coo over me!

Anyway, I tried to speak to this lady, but she ran away!

STOP!! I need to say hello to you!
However much I cried, she just ran away from me, like she was running for her life from a scary thingie.

She just wouldn't stop, and I don't know why!

I mean, I'm not that scary, am I? Woof?

Oh for goodness sake! You're just a scaredy cat, you!
I've come to the conclusion that these impolite humans are just big chickens. They run too fast, and won't even stop for a wee sheltie like me.

Whiney, whine!
So, it is my new mission to catch one!

Hope you have a super week!

Pippa :) wuf wuf

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Hello folks!
I hope you didn't take my last post too seriously, because I really don't live in any place quite as nice as those!


Anyhoo, I have a really exciting announcement to make.

I, Pippa of Pippa Sheltie, am literate of the English language! (only able to read though)

You must be thinking "how can this even be?", but I mean it!
I mean, I can blog in Cat and Dog, but obviously English can be a bit tricky.

Not that long ago, we watched a programme on the BBC called The Wonder Of Dogs, and there was a part with three dogs that they'd tried to teach to read. One was a sheltie, and it was the only one out of the two who could do it right!

So, I thought okay, maybe I can do this.

Today, Eve set about teaching me to read.

Woof, so we used the words SIT and DOWN.

At first, we took baby steps. Eve read the words to me and I did what she told me.

But soon, I was able to recognise what the word meant, so she didn't need to read them to me.

Here are videos of me doing SIT and DOWN. Down is a little bit more difficult, but you'll see...

Oh goodness, I'm sorry about that little bit at the end!

I can assure you that in those videos, Eve did NOT read the word to me at all. The speaking in the background was the rugby on the telly, in which Scotland won against Japan. (Hip hip hoorah!)

I was finding this brilliantly fun.

We took a wee break, because it was hard work,
 and I had a romp around in the leaves.
Eve decided that I should try doing them one after the other.

I was pretty nervous, because say I'd forgotten what to do already? We'd been doing SIT for a wee bit longer, what if I couldn't remember what DOWN was?

Eve was so proud that I hadn't forgotten what to do. I got a heap of tummy tickles and everything!
Learning to read was brilliant, so we're going to carry on trying. I'd like to try and do it quicker now.

So, this week I have a challenge for everydoggy or catty in Blogville.
I'd like YOU to get your people to teach you to read like we did, and let me know how you get on!

Good luck!

Pippa :) wuf wuf

I'll be wearing my poppy and doing my silence for Remembrance Sunday tomorrow!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Posh-ish Pip

Hello folks!
So last weekend, I took a quick jaunt from my modest stately home...

One thinks it does nicely.
Snob-face on.
To my cosy, little private country quarters, woof!

May I show you around?
Yes, here we are in the ridiculously massive park of a back garden.
From here, one can see all the windows of my plentiful rooms,
which I use to keep my toys, balls and treats fascinating books,
stuffed animals and four poster beds in.
And look at this tree-rat hiding fine tree.
Planted by Queen Victoria.
Come down little squirrelies! Simply marvellous.
Oh, sorry, I was just licking some kibble caviar off my nose.
These are my old chums Monarch and Feuriach. On the stone,
it reads:
"Monarch and Feuriach,
Faithful friends and constant companions of
Ishbel, Countess of Aberdeen.
They enjoyed life together and when Feuriach
died, Monarch refused to live without her.

Isn't that lovely?
Sorry, but if they can have a statue, all dogs can!

And now for a RACE stroll along this peaceful walk.
Ah, yes some ducks my courtiers, why hello!
Now can I run at them?
One is at the top of the hill.
It wasn't for me was quite a steep walk,
but all that dogfood veal and venison I eat gave me the energy.
And now I would like to show you my...
big stone cup?
Now, I did enjoy that great walk, but d'you know what?
Being posh is hard work. Woof!

I'd rather chase my ball,
And get muddy!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

P.S. The first castle was Castle Fraser and the big hoose was Haddo House.