Monday, 21 April 2014

I like seals!

Hello folks, Happy Easter, woof!
Have you all been having egg hunts? (Or poop-scoop hunts, for some?)

At Easter, there are lots and lots of baby animals being born all over Aberdeen, like this cute wee duckling we saw at Doonies Farm the other day. He was only 9 days old!

It's so fluffy!
So yesterday, I went to Newburgh, to look for a slightly different type of Easter baby animal...

Let's go! Woof!
It was lovely and quiet and sunny, (but maybe a bit too hot for a little, hairy sheltie like me!) and we didn't have to walk for long until we I found them. It was very exciting!

Woof, I can see them!
There was a chain and a flag up so that we couldn't go any nearer (not that I wanted to disturb them!), and, although the zoom was trying it's hardest, these are the best pictures we could get.

Woof, they were making funny gurgling noises!
They were all just sunbathing in the beautiful sunshine, and some of them were wrestling, too! A few of the puppies looked a bit fluffy, but most of them had rolled into the water and gotten wet.

Every now and then, we'd see a shiny, grey head pop up from the water, spying on us, to make sure we weren't touching the pups.

It was pretty confusing, because I didn't really know what they were, but d'you know what?
I like seals!

Woof, they're funny thingies, those seals.
And, I like Newburgh!
Oooh, and I had an exciting experience in the sand dunes for the very first time, woof! I must say, I've never eaten so much sand in my life.

Pippa :) wuf wuf

Friday, 18 April 2014

Hip-Pip-Hooray, it's Spring!

Hello folks!

Yay, Spring is definitely here! All the pretty flowers are out, like on this big bush, which, as an aspiring horticulturist, I grew all by myself (ehem, woof...), and the birdies are all happy and chirpy.

AND, Mr Blue Sky and Mrs Sun have actually made an appearance. I mean, what?! They must have finally learnt their lesson after all my (polite) whining and woofing and barking. In fact, they've even made an effort to pop out for more than a second nearly each day!

Woof, I've been having a really good time...

At the beach...
In the hills...
At the park...
Licking my nose some more...
And, now that the weather's better, we decided to bring out the agility stuff again.
No, Eve, it was NOT a shock to the system at first, and no, I was NOT very puffed out by the end.

Hmmm, maybe I'm not as fit as I was in summer, but it's not my fault Grandad, walks me at 0.00001 mph, woof!
Anyway, when I'm out on real walks with Eve, I literally pull her to where ever we're going - I have far too much energy!

Wheehee, let's go!
Woof, and I could certainly out-sprint anyone in a chase for my best friend...

Can you guess who that is?
No clues here...
So, has Spring sprung where you are in the worldie?

Pippa :) wuf wuf