Sunday, 17 August 2014

Café Cognito: A Restpawrant Review

Hello folks!
Earlier this month, the weather was pretty hot. Agility was NO FUN, and I found a much more productive use of my tunnel, as you can see!

(I certainly recommend this to any of you pups - as you dive into the shade of your tunnel, stop in the middle and allow your confused human to keep running along without you.)

However, we have found a solution to this weather, even if the wind and rain and cold has been trying to give us a big hand recently!

Café Cognito is a lovely new addition to the abundance of nice, little coffee shops on the streets of Aberdeen. They do foodables for humans such as coffee and cake, but the best thing about the place is definitely the ice cream, in flavours including "Blackcurrant and liquorice", "Banana and ginger", and...


Woof woof, can you imagine my reaction when Eve told me this as we set off for my third long walk of the day? I think I had a case of propellor-tail.

Well, we walked down there and I bought a "small" tub of doggy ice cream. They certainly piled it up, though, and it was just £1.50!

This is a small? Woof!
There was a doggy biscuit on the top and one hidden in the bottom of the tub, but they were a wee bit hard and frozen, and I'm not keen on big, crunchy things. They smelled yummy though, so I offered them to the humans, but they didn't really want them. I thought humans liked biscuits?

Let me at it!
Okay, enough literature, here's a video...

Oh my dog, it was simply DE-LI-CIOUS, delicious, I woof!

There were some other doggies sitting having their ice-creams outside too, it was a great place.

If I could buy everydoggy in blogville an ice-cream and send it to you without it melting, I would!

So, I rate Café Cognito...

Four paws and a tail!

Thanks for joining my on my restpawrant review!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

P.S. I nearly forgot...
Wild Dolphins of the Week!
Spider Dolphin, at the Castlegate.

Luna, at Bonaccord Square.

Golfin' Dolphin, in the Trinity Centre.
Golfin' Dolphin was moved inside after it was signed by all the golfers in the Scottish Open Championship, which means it'll raise loads of money when it's auctioned for charity!