Sunday, 25 November 2012

My advert

Guess what I just found?
The advert for me in the papers from last year!
(It's the thing my breeders put in the papers to advertise that I was for sale.)
I tried to get a good picture of it but it's so small, the picture came out a bit blurred. I am the one on the left and the one on the right is my brother.

Bye bye!
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Saturday, 24 November 2012


This afternoon, Eve and Grace and their dad came along to see me! I was very very happy!
I went for a walk with Eve but it was very cold! This clearly means that christmas is coming!!

 When I got home, Grace had to go somewhere and so did their dad. But at least Eve stayed with me!
We played with the ball a lot and did some clicker stuff.
I tried to catch doggie in my mouth and I did it! I'm getting a bit better at it you know!

I began to get bored and barked a lot.
I'm not supposed to bark because it can be quite annoying. I don't understand why humans can speak but I am not allowed!
I barked and barked and barked until Meece the cat (who's deaf) came down stairs. She jumped up to where her food is. I am always amazed at how high she can jump, she's 17 years old! Why can't I jump that high? I could be a ninja sheltie!

Me and Eve tried to play, but I just kept barking. Eve picked me up and sat down with me. This made me quiet because I don't like being picked up. We watched the Scotland rugby match on the telly, as a punishment for me being so noisy.
What's worse, Scotland lost.
That didn't help my bad mood!
I just carried on barking!
I think every doggie has a day where they just bark all the time!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Looking through Eve's phone...

Hi everyone! Woof!
Today, I was a sort of naughty girl.
I had a look on Eve's phone!
Remember last week I did the same on Grace's?
They must think I'm very nosey.
Here are some pictures of me I found and one or two videos!

This was me on the very very first day I arrived at my new home! My first bed was a cardboard box with a blanket. The toy I am with is Doggie. Doggie used to belong to Sophie, and when I came along she kindly gave it to me.
It still lives this very day, except it's nose is missing and it's tail and ears have been sewn on many times!

This was me when I first went to grace and Eve's house. It was the first time I was allowed outside and I ended up eating so much grass (because I had no clue what it was) that I was sick.

Here is a photo of my cheery little face.

This is me with Meece the cat.

That is a video by the way. It's of my second day at home.

This is me emptying my kong. (It's a video)

Oh, here's one more I just found! It's me sleeping when I was just a puppy.

This is the final video, filmed by Grace. It's me at the park with a white fluffy dog who belonged to some French people.

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Pippa :) wuf wuf

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Just a wee post...

Hello everyone!

Today, E came round for lunch today on her own, because G was at a History revision club- how dull.
Me and E had fun playing together and E pretended to be a dog which sort of freaked my out and I ran away!

I would just like to say, E and G have given me permission to use their names on my blog, which will make life easier for me and you!
E stands for Eve, and G stands for Grace.
There, now you know!

Also, do you remember that big white hairy westie I went for a walk with on Tuesday, Fyvie?
Well he's made a blog too!
The link can be found in my "Stuff on the web" page.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I've gone viral!

Hi everyone!
There isn't a story for you today, I'm sorry to say!
But I have big news. Very BIG news...
I've gone viral!!!!!
You can now find me on Google! Isn't that exciting! E said to me that I've been viral for about a week now. Why didn't she tell me?
Oh, I'm so woofly happy!

I was just checking where all of my views have been coming from, and I really have gone worldwide!
I've had...
417 views in the UK!
59 views in the USA!
19 views in Germany!
18 views in Malaysia!
8 views in Canada!
4 views in Australia!
3 views in Denmark!
1 view in Jersey!

Woah... And they just keep on coming... Here is my dazed face because I've had so many views.

 Actually I think I look sleepy.
Here's a happy face instead! Woof!

I send lots of woofs to everyone in the UK, USA, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Jersey, who have visited my blog!

You know my friend Elvis? He has a prezi slideshow like me. If you would like to see it, comment and ask me!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Walkies with friends, starring Fyvie, Poppy, Elvis and me

Hello everybody!
Last night, mother got a phone call. Guess who it was? It was E!!!
E asked to speak to me, so mother held the phone up to my ear and I listened to E. She told me that my blog has had lots of views and lots of lovely comments! I woofed and wagged my tail.
 Then she told me that I would go for walkies with her tomorrow (which is today). I was so woofly excited, I started looking around for E, but she wasn't in the living room. It's strange how I heard her voice coming from the phone yet I couldn't see her...

So, this morning, at 10 o'clock, E came round. It had been raining earlier and the grass was all muddy, but the sun was shining and I was very happy! Except, I had to put on the dreaded coat...

We began to walk. I was bouncing through all of the leaf piles with joy. Look! I had my smiley face on today!

We were just walking down the road to the park, when I stopped on a little hill and did a few little rabbit droppings. Before E got the chance to pick them up, they started to roll down the hill. E had to chase them to pick them up! Woof! I thought it was very funny!
Just before we got into the park, someone called E's name. It was her friend from school, Katherine! And she was walking her doggie, Fyvie! Fyvie is a westie, he is about 2 weeks younger than me. I have met him before and was happy to see him again! Here is a picture of him...

He is a big boy is he? He is very playful too!
We went into the park and E let me off the lead. I was a very good girl and didn't run away!
Katherine gave me a treat, which was yummy. E had only brought some of my usual kibble food. She tried to give it to me but I spat it out.
E threw the ball for me. I started to chase it but Fyvie over took me! He is very speedy! I could only see a little white blur chasing after MY ball. Doesn't he know that ladies always go first?

We played around for a bit and the sun started to come out, which made the leaves look very pretty and orange!

Then, along came E and Katherine's other friend, Lauren! And she had her two doggies, Elvis and Poppy!
This is Elvis...

He looks very mad. He is a two year old pug! I have met him three times now. I can still remember the first time - E had to drag me along the pavement because I was petrified of him! Elvis is very outgoing and funny!
Elvis lives with Poppy...

She is very cute!
She looks like me! Poppy is a MINIATURE SHELTIE. She is four years old. She is very shy and won't speak to anyone except Lauren. This is me with Poppy so that you have an idea of how small she is.

I am the one on the right. It's weird to know someone who's older but smaller than you!

We were all having lots of fun. Elvis was chasing his ball but he kept going the wrong way. Fyvie was chasing all the other doggies who were out for walks, or Elvis or me. Poppy was staying next to Lauren. And I was chasing my own ball and sometimes sniffing around everyone else.

And then, along came Maggie! Maggie is one of the dogs that I ALWAYS see when out walking in the park. I have met her lots of times, she is very nice!

 Maggie stopped by and played with us for a while until she had to go away with her owner.
This is me and Fyvie saying a doggie goodbye to Maggie.

After playing, it was time for Fyvie and Katherine to say bye-bye. It was somewhat quieter without Fyvie...

Me and Elvis and Poppy sniffed around each other for a while until it was time for them to go aswell.
Bye bye Poppy! Bye bye Elvis! Bye bye Lauren!

Now it was time for quality Pippa and E time! Woof!
Me and E went all the way around the park playing with the ball lots and lots and lots! I'm getting better at catching it when it's off the ground now! Sometimes though, I lost the ball in the leaves because it's orange, oops! Click on this video to watch it...

We took lots of lovely photos of me in the leaves...

And with the big yellow tree!

E decided that after 1/2 an hour of playing with the ball, it was time to go.
When we walked, I kept looking up at E and smiling because I was happy!

We got home I had to get cleaned with the towel because I was very wet.
But I still had heaps of energy in me! Even after chasing the ball for an hour!
So E filled up my kong with a broken up green doggie stick.

I got all the bits out but left them on the floor. I have a sweet tooth habit that I need to get out of, that is why I sometimes don't eat my doggie treats... E is very disappointed with me when I do this.

Oh! Have I ever mentioned to you that I live with a cat?

That is me with the cat, Meece. Meece is 17 years old, she is ancient! I get annoyed because she won't play with me. She doesn't really do much, but she keeps me company!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Past photos and videos!

I was just having a quick look at G's phone. I realised that there are lots of photos and videos which may interest you doggies out there so here they are!

This is me at the beach in summer 2012...

This a video...

And here's me when I was about 6 months old...

 I don't have as much fuzzy hair!

Here is the photo that was taken by G which is mentioned in my blog post "Learning to pose".

I like them all! G is very good at taking pictures is she? :)
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

Hi all, haven't posted for 1 week now! Woof woof!

Today was Remembrance Sunday (armistice day). For all you non-British doggies out there, it's when we remember the brave people who fought and died in World War One. Armistice Day is always on the 11th Day of the 11th month and everyone must do a minute silence at 11 o'clock in the morning, because that's when World War One officially ended. Everybody wears a poppy because poppies grew on the fields where soldiers fought.
Enough history, here's a photo of me wearing my poppy on my harness. I successfully did my minute silence without barking as well!

Today, G. and E. and their dad- I will call him B- came round for lunch. E. had been at a school junior concert band and G. was away to go to the big concert band. They were both wearing their concert band hoodies with their names on the back. G's concert band is better because they competed at the National Concert Band Festival this year down in London and got a gold award.

Anyway! They all ate their soup and then we walked G back to school where she would play her flute for the afternoon.
Meanwhile, me, E and B went out for a long walk. I haven't been out for a loooooong walk in a week so I was not surprised to see that I couldn't keep up with them. I kept sitting down in the middle of the pavement and then running a bit and then sitting down and then running a bit...

We walked to the gardens and E let me off the lead. I didn't go for a run, I just trotted along beside them.
We walked along many loooooooong roads and then got to the big park. Again, E and B let me off the lead but I kept stopping and watching them walk away before they called on me again. I was so tired.

We walked to that big stone thing I sat on two weeks ago, do you remember? But I just lay down on top of it. I don't know why I was so tired, maybe it's because I haven't been for a long walk in a while.

I didn't even do my smiley face!

We walked out of the park and down more long roads. It was cold and windy and my fur was blowing everywhere! We got to one of the gold postboxes in my city (there's two). Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you which gold medalists box this is because then you would have a good idea of where I live.

Here is the other gold postbox in my city. This photo was taken a couple of months ago. I blotted out E's face so that it doesn't ruin my fame, again.

We walked to the Trainie Parkie, as I call it because it is next to the railway line. Here's me posing in the park... And the handrail is NOT sticking out of my head, by the way.

And again, but this time a slightly cheerier face...

And again. but this time in front of the theatre...

I think I wasn't smiling because it was rather chilly and also because I was tired with walking so far!

I need to get fit again and start going for long walks with E!
Hopefully on Tuesday you will get another lovely story because I am SUPPOSED  to be going for a walk with my two friends Elvis and Poppy.
Elvis is a pug and poppy is a miniature sheltie (she is older than me but much smaller)!
Hopefully I'll post on Tuesday!
Thanks for coming!
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