Monday, 19 November 2012

Looking through Eve's phone...

Hi everyone! Woof!
Today, I was a sort of naughty girl.
I had a look on Eve's phone!
Remember last week I did the same on Grace's?
They must think I'm very nosey.
Here are some pictures of me I found and one or two videos!

This was me on the very very first day I arrived at my new home! My first bed was a cardboard box with a blanket. The toy I am with is Doggie. Doggie used to belong to Sophie, and when I came along she kindly gave it to me.
It still lives this very day, except it's nose is missing and it's tail and ears have been sewn on many times!

This was me when I first went to grace and Eve's house. It was the first time I was allowed outside and I ended up eating so much grass (because I had no clue what it was) that I was sick.

Here is a photo of my cheery little face.

This is me with Meece the cat.

That is a video by the way. It's of my second day at home.

This is me emptying my kong. (It's a video)

Oh, here's one more I just found! It's me sleeping when I was just a puppy.

This is the final video, filmed by Grace. It's me at the park with a white fluffy dog who belonged to some French people.

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Bye bye!
Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. What a great find. All those photos and videos starring YOU!

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Great pictures! What a cute puppy you were and have grown into a gorgeous young lady :)


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