Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hi everyone!
Guess what?
It snowed on Friday, and very thickly too!!! And it's only October!
It was amazing- white and cold and fluffy!
I had a great time sticking my nose into it and dancing around in it!
My nose got very cold though!
I love snow! I hope it will snow at Christmas!
No photos today, I'm afraid to say.
Come back next week for more!
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Pippa :) wuf wuf

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Learning to pose


Today, G. and E. came for soup, as usual. I was pleased to see them and did my little dance!
After their lunch, they told me we were going for a walk together! Yippee! I love going for walks with G. and E!
Then, E. told me it might rain; I would have to put on my jacket...
When I had my jacket on, I stood still for a while with my head hanging miserably. I hate that jacket!

We walked up the road to the new pet shop and had a look inside.
It was very quiet and small, and there was a nice lady at the till who spoke to me and gave me a treat, but I didn't eat it, I was too distracted by the pigs ears. They smelt so good!! I just couldn't get my head out of the tub of them!!! Then E. told me I couldn't have one because it was smelly and over priced for a pigs ear. I was so disappointed, E. ruined my moment of happiness!

We walked further up the road and into a new vintage shop. G. was happy because she likes that stuff. Me and E. were preparing to wait outside for 10 minutes of boredom when the lovely women in the shop said I could go in! Woof! I was excited to see such a strange shop!! The lady told me she had two doggies aswell and I jumped on her and gave her a kiss, she didn't mind! G. was gazing in awe at a teapot which looked like a Royal Mail postbox. I started to get bored and whined a lot, so E. took me outside.

We were walking to the park when E. suddenly stopped and said "Look, a VW campervan!"
She likes those kinds of vehicles so me and her stopped to have our photo taken by G. I liked the colour of it!

E. put up her Buff because she said she didn't want her face on my blog, it may ruin my fame.

G. said this was my first try at posing! I tried very hard but couldn't stay still. It was exciting to get my photo taken with a big orange campervan! E. told me that one day, me and her will drive around and live in one of them. I said Ok, but how will I  do my blog in the middle of a field?

We went into the park. It was very quiet today. There were one or two doggies and a few children and some council people cleaning up all the leaves.
We were walking along when G. said "STOP! This would make a nice picture- all those leaves and the trees and Pippa and E. walking along..."
She took a photo, it's rather good I think.

As we walked, G. and E. asked me what I think of this referendum thing (Should Scotland become independent from UK?). They told me that when they have the vote, I will be old enough in dog years to vote! Woof! I'm sure they'll let me! I will vote NO because I like the royal family and also it would be a shame after the olympics, because people like Andy Murray and Chris Hoy won their gold medals for Great Britain, and now Alex Salmond wants to rip it all up! I could become a politician, could I?!

Anyways, back to our walk.
I was walking around off the lead today, because there were no big doggies who might try and eat me. We were walking around, when I spotted a nice little stone thing. I sat on it in a nice pose and asked for my photo to be taken. G. said "Well done Pip, you are getting the hang of posing!"
I said, "Why thank you!" The only thing is, my jacket is very visible...

G. was moaning because she wanted to go back home and read her book. Why???
I told her to stay with us just a bit longer because she might get to take more photos of me and E.
So she did! And here's a lovely photo of us now!

G. took one photo on her phone and one on E's iPod. (I always use E's iPod for my blog photos)
She began to boast that the one on her phone was better and brighter. I have to admit, it was. But I like them both the same!

We walked down a little lane in the park. E. said "This is pretty, lets get a picture of Pip here". There was a couple of humans behind me, so I had my photo taken with the use of a dog biscuit to keep me still. It looks good though, my pose is rather funny. Also, I was proud that I didn't run towards the human couple, because I was off the lead. That is an achievement for me! Woof!

After a quick run around on the grass, we went home. That was good fun was it! Here's a photo of me. I was posing until G. and E. called my name to make me look at the camera, and I ran towards them. Ah well, it is still very good!!!

When we got home, I was so tired, I couldn't even play with my ball! That is weird for me!!!

I look very tired, do I?
Me and E. played our little game when we put my kibble-food in my water bowl and I have to snorkel to get it. Then I fell asleep....

Thanks for visiting my blog again!
See you all next week!
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From, Pippa :) wuf wuf

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Update on me!

Hello all!
Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who has visited my page over the past couple of days! I was thrilled to see that my page has had 80 views and counting!
Secondly, I was over the moon to see that my two favourite shelties, Coco and Silky, commented on my post yesterday! Thanks guys, you're great!

Today, it was wet. It wasn't quite raining, it was that horrible damp misty drizzle. It made me look like I'd had an electric shock or I'd crimped my hair, which of course, I hadn't. I went out for a walk to the trainy parkie in the morning as usual, with father.

After my walk, my favourite friends E. and G. came in! I was so happy, I did my little dance for them, like I usually do.
If you are wondering what my dance is, it is when I get extra excited and do a little routine which goes a bit like this...
Jump, Turn, Jump again, Fall on the floor, Wriggle like a caterpillar, Run around in a circle, Wag your tail as much as possible, Jump again, Bark, etc.
I will try and get a video of my dance for you one day!

Anyway, E. and G. gave me a treat and I did a few tricks for them like usual. We went through to the living room and I barked a lot for them to play with me.
But they didn't.
They were going into town.
They left me in the house with mother and father and I did my cute face to try and make them stay with me, which they didn't.

When they came back, their hair was reasonably shorter so I guessed they'd had a hair cut.

We played together and I was so excited, I kept jumping up and barking and wagging my tail and doing my dance. Phew! How exhausting! I took a photo of me drinking my water (that's how silly I am).
As I have told you before, I am a people loving doggie! I was so happy to be with E. and G. that I kept caterpillar-crawling up to them to get a tummy tickle!

In this photo, the hair above my head is my tail, not a bunchie or something else that handbag dogs do with their hair (ugh).

I will now tell you a wee bit about last thursday, because E. and G. came to visit, and they are my favourite days.

Thursday was a sunny day! E. and G. came to see mother and eat her homemade broth soup, which is apparently wonderful, but I can't have it because it has a whole onion in it.
Then, E. took me for a lovely walk whilst mother helped G. do some knitting. I couldn't believe that G. would rather sit and knit than be with me!

Me and E. went to the parks. It was quite busy in park no.1 because it had been raining earlier so now everyone had decided to walk their doggies. I was quite nervous walking round the park with all these doggies, there were so many of them!

We came across a part of the path covered in gold leaves. I was fascinated, the path looked like it had been painted orange and yellow!
I asked E. to take a photo, but I was so intrigued, I couldn't stop moving! Anyway, here's the best photo she could get (I could've done a better job). I think I'm midway between blinking!

We went across the road into park no.2. Why are there two different parks next to each other? All the better for me, I guess.
This park has more equipment for little humans, but there weren't many little humans there that day because the grass was really squelchy!
Just like park no.1, there was a heap of dogs here. I was quite wary, which E. noticed so we went over to another part of the park where we watched the big boy dogs playfight. They were splashing in the burn (a little stream) and getting all wet. It looked fun, but I might've drowned if I'd joined in, which wouldn't have been pleasant.

Then the leader of the big dog pack spotted me.
He bounded at full speed up to me and E. and I began to frantically tangle E. up in the lead. I curled up in a ball and with my tail underneath me.
The doggie began to circle me, with his hideous slobbery tongue dangling in front of me. Pooey. He was huge.
It said "hello there".
E. looked at the dog sternly and told it to go away because I was terrified of it.
It looked at E. and said "I was only being friendly" and lolloped away. To his friends, who were standing watching from a distance.
How rude.

After the big dogs went away, me and E. played with the ball, but it was a bit too muddy on the grass.
Sadly, I asked E. if she would throw the ball again so that I could show off how fast I am, but she said I was getting too dirty. Oh well.

As we were leaving the park, we saw a lady holding four leads to four small dogs. We went closer for a look.
They were shelties!
They were all black and white like me, but what a noise they were making! they were all pulling at the leads and trying to speak to me. Fortunately, they were on the other side of a low wall.

E. asked the lady holding the leads if they were shelties. What a stupid question, she already knew.
The lady replied, "Yes, but they are very noisy and don't like other dogs."
E. told the lady that I was a sheltie too.
The lady said, "Yes I can see."
And she walked away!!!!
I was appalled!!!
How dare she be so rude!!!

It was nice to see some shelties because I've only ever seen two big boy shelties before. One was a blue merle called Blue and the other was sable and white and called Shadow. They were very old and trying to speak to me, but I was being shy and unsociable. Their owner was very nice and spoke to E. and G. about shelties while me and the boys had a staring match.

Anyway, me and E. went back to park no.1.   E. threw the ball for me and it landed in a puddle. Her aim isn't very good, is it?
That was a nice walk.
I just typed a lot, did I?!
Well done if you read all the way to the end!
Next time, I'll make it shorter, so that you don't have to read so much.
Well, don't know about you, but I'm away to have a nice long sleep.
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Actually I'm not sure if you can subscribe... I'll have a look...
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Monday, 22 October 2012

About me...

Hello again!
I'm getting the hang of this website thingie so I have made a new page on it about me! Check it out ( it's on the right hand side of the page). The more people you tell about my blog the better because I know they'll love me! When you next see my blog it will be so beautiful, you might cry.
I would like to shout out to some people who inspired me to make a blog, so here are their names:
Coco and Silky, the ace shelties from England.
Martha, from NeverSeconds, her blog is very inspiring.
Eve, my owners grand daughter, who has helped me out in mastering the blog and the computer.

Unfortunately I do not have a email address so don't try and email me!
Thanks for visiting and supporting me!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hello blog people!

Hello Blog people!
Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to have a blog because I am jealous of all those other doggies out there who have their own blogs.
I will try to keep you updated with what I'm doing about once a month, because my little paws can't cope with typing on this computer-mabob.
Thanks for visiting, here's a pretty picture of me!
From Pippa!