Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

Hi all, haven't posted for 1 week now! Woof woof!

Today was Remembrance Sunday (armistice day). For all you non-British doggies out there, it's when we remember the brave people who fought and died in World War One. Armistice Day is always on the 11th Day of the 11th month and everyone must do a minute silence at 11 o'clock in the morning, because that's when World War One officially ended. Everybody wears a poppy because poppies grew on the fields where soldiers fought.
Enough history, here's a photo of me wearing my poppy on my harness. I successfully did my minute silence without barking as well!

Today, G. and E. and their dad- I will call him B- came round for lunch. E. had been at a school junior concert band and G. was away to go to the big concert band. They were both wearing their concert band hoodies with their names on the back. G's concert band is better because they competed at the National Concert Band Festival this year down in London and got a gold award.

Anyway! They all ate their soup and then we walked G back to school where she would play her flute for the afternoon.
Meanwhile, me, E and B went out for a long walk. I haven't been out for a loooooong walk in a week so I was not surprised to see that I couldn't keep up with them. I kept sitting down in the middle of the pavement and then running a bit and then sitting down and then running a bit...

We walked to the gardens and E let me off the lead. I didn't go for a run, I just trotted along beside them.
We walked along many loooooooong roads and then got to the big park. Again, E and B let me off the lead but I kept stopping and watching them walk away before they called on me again. I was so tired.

We walked to that big stone thing I sat on two weeks ago, do you remember? But I just lay down on top of it. I don't know why I was so tired, maybe it's because I haven't been for a long walk in a while.

I didn't even do my smiley face!

We walked out of the park and down more long roads. It was cold and windy and my fur was blowing everywhere! We got to one of the gold postboxes in my city (there's two). Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you which gold medalists box this is because then you would have a good idea of where I live.

Here is the other gold postbox in my city. This photo was taken a couple of months ago. I blotted out E's face so that it doesn't ruin my fame, again.

We walked to the Trainie Parkie, as I call it because it is next to the railway line. Here's me posing in the park... And the handrail is NOT sticking out of my head, by the way.

And again, but this time a slightly cheerier face...

And again. but this time in front of the theatre...

I think I wasn't smiling because it was rather chilly and also because I was tired with walking so far!

I need to get fit again and start going for long walks with E!
Hopefully on Tuesday you will get another lovely story because I am SUPPOSED  to be going for a walk with my two friends Elvis and Poppy.
Elvis is a pug and poppy is a miniature sheltie (she is older than me but much smaller)!
Hopefully I'll post on Tuesday!
Thanks for coming!
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Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. We had Remembrance Day in Oz, too. We love the pictures of your town. We would have run around like crazy when let off the lead.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Hi Pippa
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to meet another blogging Aberdonian pup - and such a fine looking one too. Gail and I shall be looking out for you on our walks round and about town.
    Toodle pip!


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