Friday, 25 March 2016

Still alive!

Hello folks!
I guess I've got a LOT of explaining to do!!

The past 20 odd months (outrageous Pippa!) have been incredibly busy for Eve, so I figured it would be best for me, Pippa, to give up the blogging for a little while and instead take time to tutor her so she could pass her exams. Woof!

My help really paid off, however no one told ME she would have two more years of the horrible things! Because I am such a considerate and academic dog, I figured I would be of great use to her this year, so once again, blogging got the chop. Woof!

My people are doing fine too. They're getting older and older, but they still put up with me throwing tennis balls at them, and they give me cuddles, so all is well. Grace left to go to university in Glasgow; she's studying eyes or something. I hear the Glaswegian dogs aren't quite as good as I am, heehee!

Me, I'm still trotting around, woofing and wagging. I get plenty of adventures and plenty of tummy-tickles to keep me happy. I'm 4 and a half now, would you believe it?!

During this long time, my bloggy friends have never left my mind. Even though we still have very little time to do the bloggying, I'm going to try and catch up with you all soon, once I've got Eve through her final exams. I'm struggling to teach her "fetch", "roll-over" and "eat-all-the-crumbs-off-the-floor", but I'm sure she'll get there before May comes.

How are you all doing? I know I'm really behind and I've probably missed some important things, but hopefully I'll return again soon. Woof! (No comments today because I'll feel bad if I can't return them!)

Pippa :) wuf wuf

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Café Cognito: A Restpawrant Review

Hello folks!
Earlier this month, the weather was pretty hot. Agility was NO FUN, and I found a much more productive use of my tunnel, as you can see!

(I certainly recommend this to any of you pups - as you dive into the shade of your tunnel, stop in the middle and allow your confused human to keep running along without you.)

However, we have found a solution to this weather, even if the wind and rain and cold has been trying to give us a big hand recently!

Café Cognito is a lovely new addition to the abundance of nice, little coffee shops on the streets of Aberdeen. They do foodables for humans such as coffee and cake, but the best thing about the place is definitely the ice cream, in flavours including "Blackcurrant and liquorice", "Banana and ginger", and...


Woof woof, can you imagine my reaction when Eve told me this as we set off for my third long walk of the day? I think I had a case of propellor-tail.

Well, we walked down there and I bought a "small" tub of doggy ice cream. They certainly piled it up, though, and it was just £1.50!

This is a small? Woof!
There was a doggy biscuit on the top and one hidden in the bottom of the tub, but they were a wee bit hard and frozen, and I'm not keen on big, crunchy things. They smelled yummy though, so I offered them to the humans, but they didn't really want them. I thought humans liked biscuits?

Let me at it!
Okay, enough literature, here's a video...

Oh my dog, it was simply DE-LI-CIOUS, delicious, I woof!

There were some other doggies sitting having their ice-creams outside too, it was a great place.

If I could buy everydoggy in blogville an ice-cream and send it to you without it melting, I would!

So, I rate Café Cognito...

Four paws and a tail!

Thanks for joining my on my restpawrant review!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

P.S. I nearly forgot...
Wild Dolphins of the Week!
Spider Dolphin, at the Castlegate.

Luna, at Bonaccord Square.

Golfin' Dolphin, in the Trinity Centre.
Golfin' Dolphin was moved inside after it was signed by all the golfers in the Scottish Open Championship, which means it'll raise loads of money when it's auctioned for charity!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Some better planning maybe?

Hello folks!
As many of you will know, the XX Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow this year, just down the road from where I live, and last night was the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony consisted mainly of cheese (not the edible cheese!), although I did enjoy watching the dancing Tunnock's Teacakes, woof!
Credit to photographer
However, the stars of the show were definitely the 41 scottie dogs.

Taking a slightly different route to their usual evening prance, they led the 71 Commonwealth teams around the stadium, mildly oblivious to the extreme noise and big, bright lights.

One of forty one scottie dogs, leading the Indian team.
I was very proud that the Scotties were representing the many dogs of Scotland, and also very impressed that they put up with all the aspects of showbiz, i.e. costume/jacket changes, cameras, etc, although some of them did have a very nice time - being carried by their human!

Woof, however, earlier today, I was having a good old moan to Clyde, the Commonwealth Games Mascot.
Clyde, I have a problem!

Yes, Scotties are actually called Scottish terriers, and these are the Glasgow games, but they're not the only breeds from bonnie Scotland, are they?

The people who organised this COMPLETELY forgot to include the:
Border collies,
Rough collies,
Border terriers,
Cairn terriers,
Bearded collies,
Skye terriers,
Smooth collies,
GOLDEN RETRIEVERS (originally fae up here!),
Blue paul terriers,
Sporting Lucas terriers,
Golden setters,
Dandie Dinmont terriers,
Paisley terriers,
Scotch collies,
The Shetland Sheepdogs! Woof!

Personally, I think some better planning could have been done here. Whine.

Although, the Scotties were fab, and I am really enjoying the sports so far!

Wild Dolphins of the Day!
Disco Dolphin, at the Paramount Bar
(don't worry, we didn't go in!)
Rainbow, at the Harbour.
Lottie, at Union Terrace Gardens
Thanks for popping by today!
Pippa :) wuf wuf

*PLEASE NOTE, we have absolutely nothing against any scotties, this post is only a bit of fun. Like we mentioned already, we thought the dogs in the ceremony were brilliant, and that the ceremony was fun and interesting, even if it was a tad cheesy. I hope we haven't upset anydoggy, because we still love Scottie dogs!*

Monday, 21 July 2014

I prefer sand.

Hello folks!
Well, our dolphin spotting has been going very well - we've managed to find all 50 of them! Hoorah!

But last week, I forgot to mention the dolphin calves. In every library here, there are a few dolphin calves, decorated by school children. These are a couple of them at Airyhall library...

And they've placed a few up at the WDC (Whales and Dolphins Conservation) Centre, one of the sponsoring charities of the project, at Spey Bay.

So of course, we set off up there to find them!
(I had to vow not to be sick or poop or anything in the car, first, and I was a very good girl and kept my promise, I did.)

I'm here, woof!
When we got up there, rather than the forecasted rain, we got beautiful sunshine, and I had a lovely visit, barking at all the other doggies there.

I was a bit creeped out by these odd, dried-up dolphins, who were trapped in the ground, though.

I'll just leave now, if that's okay.
I think I preferred the dolphin calves inside the centre, they looked really good, too.

And then I faced a big challenge.

To get over to the beach we had to cross PEBBLES.

I'm smiling because I'm happily perched on these stones and I'm
not moving.
Woof, my little paws certainly could not cope with those itty-bitty little rocks! Where was the sand?

Most of the time, I just waited for someone to come and pick me up and carry me to the sea, but no one came.
I had to wobble across the rocks with no help, and then wobble all the way back to the centre.

Who's idea was this?
It was very pretty down at the beach, and I did have fun, but I think I prefer the sandy shores of Aberdeen.

And anyway, we saw zero dolphins at the WDC centre, and in Aberdeen, we see loads of them!

Hooray, this is better! Look, I can walk properly!
And now for our...

Wild Dolphins of the week!
This is Bon Accord Beauty, outside the Marischal College.

And Doric Dialect (Doric is an Aberdonian language), at the front of the new(ish) library...

Lastly, this is the Yellow Dolphmarine, on the River Dee!

Thanks for popping by!
Pippa :) wuf wuf