Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yet another beachy post!

Hello folks!
That's right, as the title suggests, today I had another trip to the rather lovely beach. We have been having some glorious sunshine for the past couple of days! Woof!

(This past week though, Eve had a freezing cold school trip to Loch Insh, and they did canoeing in the snow on Thursday. At least she got to come home to some warmish weather!)

They cycled to see me last night. Yesterday, there were no clouds at all!
Oh dear. This is so embarrassing.
They came and took me to the beach this morning, woof!
I had a lovely time zooming about...
But it was a bit too hot. 18 degrees Celsius actually, woof!
(that's probably really cold to some sun worshippers)
So Grace and Eve enticed me into the sea. Woof!
I was a bit reluctant and unsure, so they just took me to a shallow bit, where there were rocks to stand on.

"This water stuff is cold, can we go back Eve?"
In that picture, the water was about up to my doggy knees, but I cheated and stood on the rocks. Woof!

I got a wee bitty wet...
And there were some clouds coming over.
The sun stayed out though!
I befriended a dog smaller than me, because I am a coward around big ones!
And waited patiently while they dried their feet...
And then my folks came to see me at the beach!
For those of you who don't know:
Eve and Grace are my owner's granddaughters, not my owners, woof!
Eve helps out with the blogging.
My owners are both in their eighties.
They are old, woof!

They drove back home in the car, and I had to walk back with Grace, Eve and their parent people.

We walked around the back of Pets at Home, and there were some wild bunny rabbits!

Play with me, woof!
Why are you running away?!
Eve said maybe they are just rabbits the pet shop couldn't sell, so they let them free!
Then I reminded her you get a lot of rabbits in Aberdeen.

What sort of wild animals do you have in your area? And how hot was it where you were today?

The clouds are coming over now, so I'll say bye bye.
Thanks for visiting,
Pippa :) wuf wuf

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is this Scotland?

Hello folks!
This happened yesterday...
And so did this.
You may be thinking "well, what's wrong with that?"
See if you can guess...

It's the weather! Woof!

Surely this cannot be Scotland I am in, for there's blue sky and sun!
The temperature has been reasonably hot too!
What has happened to the dull, dreich weather of the north-east?

Not that I'm complaining!! Woof! Look what I did!

Woof, that's right. I went to the beach this morning!
I did not see any of the usual dolphins. Whine.

But the sun was out!!
I mean, look at the sky! Not Grace's elbow. Woof!
This is very fine!
Is this Scotland?
Woof! It is!
Then I got the zoomies...
And I ran into the sea!!
I got the fright of my life...

And avoided it whenever I could.
It kept reaching out to me though, woof!
Sun, sun, sun!
There was a bit where the tide was in...
So we walked along the beach front for a bit. Woof.
The sun stayed out all the way!
And there were absolutely zilch clouds!
After a quick stomp through Fittie...
I went into Pets at Home.
I mean, you can't just walk past it, can you?
I had a lovely time sniffing stuff...
And scaring the rabbits.
(There were no crazy hamsters this time!)
When I got home, my al' folks were like "Pip, yi 've been awa' fir an afa lang time! Far've ye bin?"

And I was like "Woof!"

What's the weather like where you are? And what've you been up to?

Bye for now,
Pippa :) wuf wuf