Monday, 21 April 2014

I like seals!

Hello folks, Happy Easter, woof!
Have you all been having egg hunts? (Or poop-scoop hunts, for some?)

At Easter, there are lots and lots of baby animals being born all over Aberdeen, like this cute wee duckling we saw at Doonies Farm the other day. He was only 9 days old!

It's so fluffy!
So yesterday, I went to Newburgh, to look for a slightly different type of Easter baby animal...

Let's go! Woof!
It was lovely and quiet and sunny, (but maybe a bit too hot for a little, hairy sheltie like me!) and we didn't have to walk for long until we I found them. It was very exciting!

Woof, I can see them!
There was a chain and a flag up so that we couldn't go any nearer (not that I wanted to disturb them!), and, although the zoom was trying it's hardest, these are the best pictures we could get.

Woof, they were making funny gurgling noises!
They were all just sunbathing in the beautiful sunshine, and some of them were wrestling, too! A few of the puppies looked a bit fluffy, but most of them had rolled into the water and gotten wet.

Every now and then, we'd see a shiny, grey head pop up from the water, spying on us, to make sure we weren't touching the pups.

It was pretty confusing, because I didn't really know what they were, but d'you know what?
I like seals!

Woof, they're funny thingies, those seals.
And, I like Newburgh!
Oooh, and I had an exciting experience in the sand dunes for the very first time, woof! I must say, I've never eaten so much sand in my life.

Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. Looks like a great outing!!!

  2. I would have loved joining you there. I love to run on the beach and feel the sand on my paws! Cool seals!

  3. Pippa what a pawsome adventure down at the beach and you got to seal watch as well. Nice one. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Hari OM
    Seals at Newburgh??!! That is just fabulous news and thank you for being such a good reporter! Glad you had a chance to play in the sun, by surf and sand. Nothing like it I tell you. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Hello Pippa, they are wonderful pics and you got pretty close to see them you are lucky. Vicki and Hilary

  6. What a great day you had! I hope you all had a Happy Hoppy Easter.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. I love digging in the sand. I wish I had a baby duck to play with.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. It may not be an Easter bunny, but we think seals look great! Happy belated Easter!

  9. Oh Pippa, you were at one of our absolutely favourite places. You know, I once got quite close to those Newburgh seals (grown up ones, not pups) but they spoiled all the fun by escaping into the Ythan. Spoil sports.
    Toode pip!

  10. SEALS!!! :You are so lucky. AND that fantastic SANDY beach.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  11. OMD PIPPA.... that is WONDERFUL.. you got to see SEAL Puppies... that is FABULOUS.
    You ate SAND... ??????? Did it taste like CHICKEN???

  12. Wow - you got to run on the beach eat sand AND see seals....lucky girl

  13. What a wondeful day you had. I would like the seals too! How exciting for you!

  14. What a pawsome day out. The duckling is very cute, and the seals look fun too - have a great day. Woofs and licks from Magic xx

  15. Oh, that duckie is ADORABLES!!! I bets it is all soft and stuffs
    Ma loves the Seals!!! We gots them here at Pier 39, they are so funs to watch, butts Ma says they are noisy! Just like ME!! bol
    Nows, I have never eaten sand before, so I'll have to take your word on that one!
    Sure looks like you guys had a most FABulous time!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Pippa, that little duckling is so cute! I didn't know you had seals near you! How cool is that?!? I think I would love seals too.
    Happy Wednesday,

  17. Wow, that's very exciting that you were able to see baby seals so close up! I bet they were very cute.

    Ruby and Angel Pip

  18. Those are adorable seal pups! Do they bark? I think baby ducks are cuter than baby chicks (and they are nicer, too!).

  19. Those are pawsome Easter Seals.


  20. Wow, how cool to see seals. Hope you've brushed all the sand out of your coat by now

  21. Looks like so much fun Pippa.

  22. Hi yu Pippa, I'm finally back in the world of blogging! Those seals look like a lot of fun - I'm ver fond of them, too, but She says I'm not allowed to play with them (something about they might not be too happy about me sticking my nose into their business!).



  23. Pippa you have been missing. Hope all is ok.


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