Saturday, 5 January 2013

My little adventure and Learning agility!

This morning, Eve and Grace's parent people came and took me for a very long walk.
We went down many roads until we reached one and I knew where I was!
I began to pull at the lead with excitement because we were on Grace and Eve's street!

We got to their house and I burst with excitement when I saw Eve! I didn't see Grace much today because she was very tired and stayed inside.

Eve had chopped up little red thingies called Strawberries for me. I ate them and they were very yummy! Is it alright for doggies to eat strawberries?

Me and Eve went on a little adventure. There is a small pet shop just up the road from their house so we walked up there.

But it was closed!

I was confused because under the notice on the door was an "open" sign!
This is me looking sad in the shop door...

But it was alright because we would go somewhere else, wouldn't we?

We went to the Gardens! Here are my pictures...

There were lots of duckies...

The blue bridge...

And the rest of the pictures...

Oh, my first Saturday Steps! (Thanks for the idea George the Lad)

Then we went back home.
You can probably remember from Christmas that I'm not allowed in Grace and Eve's house. Me and Eve went into the garden and had a brilliant idea to make some agility jumps!
I've never tried agility before and I really enjoyed it!

We started jumping over Eve's leg, then the little agility jump and then the "big" one!
Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of it but here's a picture...

Eve tells me to go "over" the jump, but sometimes I just went a bit crazy...

Eve's mum cut up some apple for me, I like apple!

Then they went inside to have food, and I cried outside.

Then, Eve had to go and drop off a card to her friends house.
We walked along together and when we got there, their Springer Spaniel Dermott couldn't leave me alone.

He is very silly, he tries to bury toys under the kitchen floor and chases shiny things and he literally never stops wagging his tail!

Everyone patted me a lot which I loved, and then we had to go! Bye bye!

But then Eve's other friend popped out of her door to give Eve a little note.
Her little sisters came to the door as well, and I licked their feet!

We walked home after that and played in the garden again!

These are my snob faces...

And then I got tired...

Time to go home!

Bye bye!

Thanks for visiting!
Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. Pippa that was a fun packed full on day sweetie. No wonder you just wanted some zzs at the end of it. Life is a social whirl at yours. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well that was one busy day you had and yes it is okay for eat to strawberries - they are good for you.

  3. Pippa, you had the zoomies!!! Tell Eve to make sure the bar on the jumps can be knocked off easily, wouldn't want you to get hurt jumping.


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