Friday, 28 June 2013

A cheeky wee post from Eve

Hi folks!

My name's Eve, I'm Pip's assistant.

This is just a cheeky wee post to let you all know that Pippa is alive and well!
She doesn't know I'm blogging today; I haven't told her that, because I have another little message for you all...

On Monday (the first of July) it'll be Pippa's 2nd Birthday!!
I know, exciting!

I've got her a couple of small toys, and I think I'll get her a carrot or something!

And just to keep you all happy, here are some pictures of our latest adventures, at Duthie Park and the beach...

7.30 am one morning at the beach!

"Woof, I'm going to unicycle today!"

"I'll just pull you along Eve."

"We're going along the Old Railway Line...
" Duthie Park!"
"Eve's brought her rucksack..."
"Aha, I've got something..."
"Woof woof, a tennis ball!"
"Clouds won't darken my day!"
"That wee boat looks like it's putting up a losing battle with the wind."
This is one of Pippa's only doggy friends, Alfie.
Unfortunately, Alfie has to stay at home all day while his peeps are away.
He hardly ever gets outside!
He howls at the window at people,
and Pippa usually jumps up at the window and whines back!
Thank you for coming today to visit us again,
See you on Monday!

Eve :)

P.S. Sorry, I've turned off the comments because Pippa can't comment back to you all today! Sorry! :(