Sunday, 30 June 2013

A pre-birthday adventure

Hello folks!

It is I, Pippa, the brave and almighty!

So brave, I can go into my box in the car, without looking the slightest bit terrified!

I'm not scared. Whine.
So brave, I can travel half an hour in the car, without crying myself into a trauma! Ehem, maybe.

So brave, I can conquer Everest! Or, maybe just Scolty...

I'm just too good for Everest, you see.
So brave, that when I met my westie friend Fyvie going up the hill, I was not in the least bit scared!

Who even are you?
Oh, hold on...
Haha, it's my old chum Fyvie! Woof!
No no, this isn't my nervous face. Not at all.
So brave, I can run through the grass at the speed of light!

So brave, everyone admires me.

I know, I'm simply great.
So brave, I can claim the tower at the top of Scolty!

You there, leave this tower, it's mine now!
So brave, I am untouchable by the wind!

But still touchable by man.
So brave, I can rule the world,

You are at my mercy now!
And bite off some annoying midges! (you can't see them here, but they were there, alright!)

Be gone, nasty insects!
But, when faced with a certain bouncing wee doggie called Bertie...

Oh my dog.
I'm really, really not so brave.

Erm, hello.
Eve, you can put me down now.
Yes, I met Bertie on my travels!

I think he was a little overly bouncy today though, and I was just a little scared.

OK, OK, I was very scared.

But, Bertie is so lovely, he was only trying to be social, and I was being a bit rude.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to speak to Gail, because I was too busy trying to escape from Bertie   pull myself out of my harness   speak to the other humans to get away from Bertie   hide in the grass do something. I don't even know what.

I did enjoy meeting them both though, it was great!
We left to go our different ways, and I was a little more quiet.

Just back to my usual scaredy cat self. Woof!
Well, that was eventful.
Really, I'm not a brave dog at all.

But, I do consider managing not to be sick on a car journey brave!

Woof woof!
Thank you all for coming today!
I would like to know what YOU think is "being brave"!

Bye for now,
Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. Hello my dear Pippa,
    you are soooo sweet, you really don't need to be brave! Everyone loves you for sure! You were much braver than I standing like you did in the wind! I'm not fond of wind, it scares me so much, because it attacks me fron behind and when I turn to look who is there I never see anybody!
    But I'm very brave when it has a storm and I am with my human sister outside and even if I'm in panic for thunders and lightnings I don't leave her, because I must protect her!

  2. It sound like you and Denny should be best friends....he is exactly the same....always brave from behind his moms legs.

  3. Butt MOSTLY brave! Congrats on a (mostly) good day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  4. Mostly brave is just fine. Glad you got to meet your pal. Brave for me is going in water that is over my back. And I did just that yesterday. So I too am a brave dog.

  5. We think you are very brave Pippa, at least you will try things - which is more than we will do, ha! We consider it a major feat of bravery walking out the front door.You have so many nice walks where you live, we are totally jellies.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x
    pee ess, thank you for your lovely compliment to Mum.

  6. Wow you met the wonderful Betie. How cool is that. We think you are very brave as you are somewhere new. Have a serene Sunday and stay cool Pippa.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. You know, Pippa, I'm not very brave about some things either. But, I had my big brother Toby to teach me when I was a wee pup. That helped a lot! And now I've found that the best part of trying new things is that some of them are really fun!

  8. WTG Pippa you Meet Bouncing Bertie...that must have been most exciting. I think you are brave riding w/o getting car sick.
    I don't get car sick BUT I do practice my best 1st Soprano part to/from the vet so much so Mom needs ear plugs
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  9. Pippa, it sounds like you were very brave, car ride, out in the wild, having strange peeps pet you and meeting Bertie without throwing you cookies all over the place, Brave we say, Brave!

    The Mad Scots

  10. Hi Pippa
    Gosh I was so excited to meet you in the flesh earlier today that I totally forgot my manners. Gail is always telling me that sometimes I should be a little less, we'll, bouncy. I am mortified that I scared you. I am so so sorry Pippa. I shall try really hard to be calmer next time we meet (as I'm sure we shall).
    Oh and the rest of your post today is great. Gail and I so enjoyed reading it.
    Toodle pip!

  11. Wow! We always wondered if you met Bertie. That's fantastic. We think you're very brave. Because Gail is always saying how bouncy and loud he is. So just being a wee bit nervous around him is okay. You had such a great walk!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Hi Pippa, thanks for coming over to say hi on my blog!! I see you live in Scotland, so you and I are both celts as I'm from Wales (though my human isn't originally and I like to rub it in!;) It looks like you've been jolly brave going to a new place!! cheers, Austin the Tux xx

  13. How fun to meet a new friend!!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. You were very brave. Hailey thinks hiding in the bedroom when there are fireworks is very brave! Lee and Phod

  15. Going in the car isn't for everyone Pippa so you're a brave girl for getting used to it. Boris used to like it, well put up with it, but now he doesn't like it.
    Happy birthday Pippa - we almost share a birthday!

  16. None of us are 100% brave! You had a vry bold day and should be proud for getting out there! Nice to you got to meet Bertie, even if he did scare you a wee bit!

  17. We just read about your adventure over at Bertie's. How cool. You did a great job with the car ride and see where it brought you? Somewhere amazing. Have a great day!

  18. Wow Pippa, you and Bertie together. What a great day that must have been. I loved your adventure getting there to. You were really brave my friend.

    Love ya

  19. oh you are brave! I don't care for the car much but I don't cry. I sit on the floor :)
    That is so nice that you visit my kitty brother (Cody), but don't forget ME....I'm a SHELTIE! BOL!
    Barks and licks and love,

  20. Oh we think you are super brave, love your car carrier, that's cool :) I'm not brave at all, everything scares me, not the car though :) XXOOXX

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. That's a lot of Brave stuff for such a scaredy cat.


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