Sunday, 15 December 2013

Meece (and cones and stuff)

Hello folks! whine...
On Monday, I had my operation. It went really well, although I can't really remember what happened. I think Anna was nice to me anyways! Woof!

I came home all wrapped up, very suitable as 'tis the season to be jolly!
They gave me a cone too, but because I've been well behaved, the peeps only put me through the shame at night time. 
It's really embarassing - I kept bumping into everything!

Evil cone! Woof!
Yesterday (Saturday) I had another trippie to the vet, just for a check-up. 
They unwrapped me, thank goodness, and told me it's going fine. I'll get the stitches out on the 23rd. Hoorah!

All I've really wanted to do is sleeeep...
Yeah, I've been pretty tired since Monday (except, of course, when Eve pops round!), and I've been hiding away in corners, having a snooze!

I can't wait until the stitches are out and I can go for nice walks again, and play with my ball! Woof!


I've been a bit down since Monday, for another reason too.
Remember Meece, my cat chum?

Here we are!
Well, when I came back from the vet on Monday afternoon, she wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Meece, where are you? Woof woof?!
Sadly, Meece had crossed the bridge in the night.

We're still a wee bit upset, but she was 19 or 20 years old, so we knew it was coming. 
She was getting skinnier and skinnier everyday! On Sunday night, she'd been meowing and panting a lot, something she never ever did.

On Tuesday, we dug a hole, wrapped her in a pillow case and buried her in the grassy bit (the professional way, obviously!). I had a good sniff around, and I was a wee bittie confused as to why we were shoving Meece in a hole in the whirlies.

Bye bye Meecies, I'll never forget you - 
how you didn't like me when I first came along, 
how you used to hibernate in various cardboard boxes and plastic bags, 
how you used to drink MY water, 
and how, to the very last day, you could still jump on top of the tumble dryer to get your M&S tuna (which is mine now, by permission of the vet).

Why does she sleep there?
Woof, how do you do it?
Bye bye Meece, have fun over the rainbow bridge! I'll miss you!

Thanks for popping by today, we should be getting back to more commenting, as Eve only has one exam this week, so I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. We are so glad your operation went well. We are so sorry to hear about Meece. Sounds like she liked a great life and we are glad she wasn't sick or anything for too long. Hugs, Lee and Phod

  2. Oh no that is so sad. We hope Meecie is now running free and young over the Rainbow Bridge. I hope Ancient Pip is there to give a big welcome. Pippa sending you healing vibes and POTP. You and your family are in out thoughts and prayers.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. So sorry to hear about Meece :( Losing your beloved friends is so hard.

    Glad your little operation went well, and that you didn't have to wear the cone of shame too much.

  4. Glad the surgery went well. After you get your stitches out, you'll forget it ever happened. Sad news about Meece. So many going to the Bridge recently.

  5. WE are so sorry to hear this about Meece. What a LONG LIFE... and Oh the Memories you have.
    Run Free and Fast over the Bridge Meece, In Fields of Catnip.

    OMD we are so glad that you are improving after your surgery. AND really glad that you don't have to endure the Cone of Shame... constantly.

  6. Super glad that your 'career girl' op went well Pippa. But what sad news about your cat chum Meece. Yes, she had a good innings, but sometimes that just makes the hole left even bigger. You will be thinking about her as you enjoy the M&S tuna.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail says all the best to Eve, she hopes that the exams went well and that after this week she will be able to enjoy a break from studying and take you out lots!

  7. Oh No, another fur pal gone to the Bridge, Pippa, we know your gonna miss Meece,m just remember she is in a good place, watching over you and will be waiting for all of us to join her.
    OMD, the dreaded cone of shame, good thing it was at night, glad your doing well!

    The Mda Scots

  8. That's lots of news--some not so good--but we have been amongst the missing for a bit. I'm so glad your op went well and even more glad you don't have to endure the evil cone. I know you'll miss your little Meece though. :(

  9. we are so terribly sorry about Meece. How did we not know that you had a cat? That is extra special to us because we have one too. We are so sorry. We are glad that your operation went well though xoxo

  10. That is so sad about Meece, he was a lovely puss-cat. Hope you are feeling much better now Pippa!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. wee are glad you doing well after your surgery but also sad to read about your buddy. it was a long life though.

  12. That's so sad about Meece. It's always sad when one of our friends has to go over the bridge. But we're happy you're healing well and don't have to wear the Cone of Shame all the time!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. So sorry that Meece went to the bridge but what a long long life! And we are glad your surgery went well
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. Glad to hear you are healing well. So sorry to hear about Meece though. You guys have a special angel now. The cone is no fun! hope you are done with it soon!

  15. Hari Om
    Oh Pippa, my condolences are added to all the above for you and your family during this time of loss. No matter how prepared one is for the passing, it still leaves an empty space for a while.

    So glad that you are doing well though ...... and Eve!!! Pass on my good wishes for her success in this week's exam. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  16. Sorry to hear about Meece but she had a good life especially with friends like you and your peeps. Glad to hear you're recovering nicely and will your stitches out in time for Christmas. How jolly!

  17. Oh dear, we are so sorry to hear about Meece. It's hard to lose a good friend.

    So glad that your operation went well and you get a speedy recovery!


  18. We are glad you are feeling better sweet pippa and so so sorry to hear about meece. Lots of our friends have left for the bridge.
    stella rose

  19. I think getting those stitches out before Christmas is a good thing, why that way you can enjoy all the Christmas joy. I am sorry Meece's time had come to leave for the bridge but 19 or 20 years was a long time to stay here.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. Hi Pippa! Thank you so much for popping by my blog today!

    I'm sure glad you didn't have to wear the cone of shame!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about poor Meece. Looks like you were good friends. Maybe Meece has found my angel brother Pip - he loved kitties - across the bridge.


  21. Hi Pippa,
    What a sad time. It must be hard for your peoples to lose Meece after so long with her, but what a great long life she had!
    I hope it all goes well with your healing time and getting your stitches out!
    ~Lickies, Ludo
    P.s. Good luck to Eve on her exams.

  22. Hi, Pippa,

    We're glad to hear your surgery went fine. I've had my share of medical problems and surgeries and I'm sending lots of dachshund-approved healing juju your way.

    We're so sorry to hear about Meece, but it sounds like she had a very good life. What a special friend she was!

    Love and wags,

  23. Aww Pippa - I am so sorry about Meece but she did live a good long life. Thank goodness your operation went well!

    hugs madi your bfff

  25. Oh sad news. Sorry about your kitty crossing the bridge. You were lucky to have her as your furiend.
    Happy Holidays Pippa.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  26. Deew Pippa
    I'm so happy that yoow suwgewie went well and that you awe on the mend, but I'm sad that Meece had to leave..I know you miss hew, but sumeday you'll see each othew again ovew the bwidge
    smoochie kisses


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