Monday, 19 August 2013

Flat Pippa's Orkney Adventure

Hello Folks!
Hello Everydoggy, sorry for my long absence.

You might remember on my last post I was grumping about Eve leaving me again.

Well, she was feeling so bad and everything (even though I'm not even her dog, I'm practically her canine auntie) that she printed out a little Flat Pippa!

The girl guides did think she was a bit weird bringing this paper dog around Orkney with her, but they got used to it.

Did I mention, my human family come from Orkney, so it was nice for Flat Pippa to see the Isles for me.

Here are some of the pictures of Flat Pip's adventure with the girl guides and Eve and Grace...

Flat Pippa leaves the harbour at 5pm.
She didn't arrive in Orkney until nearly midnight!
I know the picture's a bit unclear and grainy,
but I came to wave Eve and Grace off as well! Woof!
Flat Pippa is here! And what glorious weather we have!
Skara Brae, the oldest discovered human settlement.
It's 5000 years old - practically older than everything else,
like the pyramids and stone henge, etc!
In Skaill House - the home of the man who uncovered
Skara Brae, many years ago now.
Flat Pippa with the Orkney flag, woof woof!
Flat Pippa at Yesnaby.
Some of the Guides doing coasteering.
There were big red jelly fish, so Eve and Grace didn't do it!
From Yesnaby, we could see the Old Man of Hoy in the distance!
Flat Pippa went coasteering near the Brough of Birsay,
and found heaps of Hermit Crabs!
And Grace found a starfish!
This is the Brough of Birsay, a Norse/Pictish/Viking really old settlement.
Flat Pippa enjoyed learning more history and looking at
the long-house ruins.
Flat Pippa at the Ring of Brodgar, an ancient Stone Henge.
Nobody knows what it was used for!
Grace, Eve and two other Guides got their Baden Powell Award awarded
here, and it was a lovely day for it.
Flat Pippa at the Ness of Brodgar.
This is another ancient Vikingish settlement, but archaeologists
are still digging it up. It's supposed to be MASSIVE!
Flat Pippa in Kirkwall!
This is St Magnus cathedral, a big and fancy
Viking Cathedral. It's very pretty inside with many
stained glass windows. There's even a small one of
our family crest, because we were once vikings!
Flat Pippa at the Italian Chapel. This is a tiny little chapel,
but it's so fancy and ornamented inside!
There was more stuff that the Guides did in Orkney that Flat Pippa wasn't allowed to join in with.

For instance, I'm not sure if Flat Pippa would've enjoyed Canoeing much. She might've been a very watery bit of paper afterwards.

6 am on the ferry home. It left at 11:45 pm, so
E & G had to try and sleep on the boat. Grace will sleep anywhere,
but Eve struggled and hardly slept at all!
The sun rise on the North Sea, just before they got home at about 7am.

Flat Pippa had a wonderful time away in Orkney and so did Grace and Eve.

While they were away, Grace and Eve's parents, feeling very sympathetic towards me, bought me some nice toys to keep me occupied, because Father hasn't been taking me out for long walks, because he's too old and too tired.

Why thank you!
And, the very same day Grace and Eve got home, they came to see me!!!

Oh, I got myself in a bit of a state, jumping on them and rolling around at their feet.

Eve brought a little flag for me to pose with...
And play with, woof!
And then we played with my new toys, because
football is my favourite game!
This is me with my new squeaky banana friend,
who I clearly love to pieces.
And this morning, we went to the beach, and I
forgot to draw a smiley face on her face.
Tomorrow, Eve goes back to school! Whine!

I've enjoyed her summer holidays (I don't have holidays, I'm a dog!), but at least I'll see her every weekend and every Thursday, which is soup day.

How have your holidays been?

Bye for now,
Pippa :) wuf wuf


Flat Pippa :) yip yip


  1. Welcome back Pippa. I missed you. I love your Flat Pippa trip.

  2. Hari OM
    Wow isn't Eve a clever lass to have thought to clone you Pippa!! I am super-impressed with all the piccies too - I visited Orkney a quarter of a century ago, but of course as the shots show, nothing has changed &*> It seems they also managed the one week of the year when the wind isn't blowing everything at 90 degree angles.

    That shot of the sunrise from the ferry is a smasher... and that one of you both at the end - lovely to see what's behind the cartoon!

    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That was a very cool idea to take Flat Pippa with you to Orkney! A very interesting trip to an island I have not (yet) been to.
    And as for those toys... what fun Pippa!

  4. OK so Flat Pippa clearly had an absolutely fascinating and splendid time on Orkney. And wow, that is so cool, that Eve and Grace are Vikings!
    You know I have some Westie friends who once went on Aberdeen-Orkney ferry. Yes, real live three dimensional Westies. The older one, Florrie, told me that she ran into the cafeteria (supposedly forbidden territory) and did a poo! And everyone thought it was funny. So she claims...
    Well it is too bad that Eve and Grace have to go back to school tomorrow. But at least they won't be running off again to foreign parts again anytime soon.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Wow, you really did some traveling. A flat cat for traveling is popular with a lot of cat bloggers, but they make them differently. Taking you with her as a flat paper Pippa was a good idea. Imagine she had a lot of fun with that.

    We were reading your first posts to learn more about you. Did you ever get an email address?

  6. Hey, tell Flat Pippa thanks much for the guided history tour. See, you did get some stuff, so it wasn't all bad. As for the smiley face, she looks better without it!

    The Mad Scots

  7. That was a great tour with Flat Pippa. Back to school. Wow is the holiday over so soon? Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh Pippa, that's so cool, pawhaps my Humom will make a flat me :) In Scotland I know a lot have already gone back to school,we have till 5th Jan in the South East :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Wow, Flat Pippa had some great adventures! I'm glad Flat Pippa didn't get tangled up with the jelly fish! Maybe we should take a Flat Rita along when we go to Maui... Hmmm. Something to consider!

  10. Dawling Pippa

    I'm sowy that yoo didn't get to go to that bootiful Owkney place, but so glad that Eve took flat Pippa at
    East and evewyone coold see how much she loves yoo and we coold see all the bootiful scenewy fwom theiw twip. It sounds like , even though , yoo cooldn't wun a lot, yoo wewe loved and tweasoowed while he was's wotten that vacashuns come o an end, but how luvly to have soop days and weekends and footiball to look fowawd to. I'm offishully sick of this evewlasting hot summew..cwossed paws it will be ovew soon
    Smoochie kisses gowgoos Pippa


  12. Sometimes those flat kids get to do much more than us not flat kids....we loved your pictures alot!
    stella rose

  13. Pippa, I am glad that at least flat Pippa got to go and enjoy the trip. I bet it was much less tiring for you. I love your banana and I wish I had one cause it looks like fun to play. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Flat Pippa needs lots of rest.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. If you couldn't go in the furs, at least E & G were thinking of you all the time! That water looked VERY cold.

    Enjoyed your photos. We can just picture you, Pippa, on a long ship going a-viking.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. I loved the flat version of you in the pictures. Looks like you had a pawsome adventure.

  16. WOW! What a great travelogue with Flat Pippa! We loved seeing Orkney and all of old stuff there. (I could help them dig things up!)

    arOOOOO! Stuart

  17. Flat Pippa, I'm sure glads you had a FABulous time with Eve and Grace!! Looks like you gots to see lots of sites!! I'm sure 3D Pippa would have liked to go along, butts at least you gots to take the trip!
    Ma thought those hermit crabs and the starfish is just adorables!!
    Orkney sure seems like a funs place!!
    Oooooh, I likes your banana furiend!! I bets that is tons of funs to play with!!
    Ruby ♥

  18. Loved the Flat Pippa adventure. Orkney looks like a really intersting place. My neice is in Stornaway on the Isle of Lewes right now for her high school grad trip.

  19. That's kinda cool that she printed out a Flat Pippa and brought you along on all of her adventures. Even if you couldn't be there physically, you were there in spirit!

  20. Looks like flat Pippa had a fabulous time. Just like our flat selves that went on holiday last year! Boo Hoo to that, but we did get some nice presents.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  21. Hmmm, your flat Pippa got to go a lot of places.

    Essex & Sherman

  22. Hi Pippa, This is Jodi from Heart Like a Dog. Julie tells me you entered the calendar contest, she has a problem with the photo you submitted and sent you an e-mail, can you please check that.

  23. Those pictures are so funny! Next time they must take you too! Looks like you had a nice time being spoilt though!

  24. Wow, that was quite the adventure for Flat Pippa.

  25. Pippa, I was just checking out the calendar contest website (heartlikeadog)and they said they are trying to contact you about the picture size you submitted.

  26. Bawahwhahhwhaa I was looking everywhere to comment on the newer post.. Now hope you feel guilty..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  27. Hi Pippa!
    What an adventure Flat Pippa went on! I bet she enjoyed seeing all that historical important stuff. I wonder what a thousands year old building smells like? I like your song on the post above. I is singing along at the moment. Back to rain in Cumbria too.
    p.s. I letting everyone know my new blog address,
    Sorry if you already got it!


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