Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What's been a-happening?


Hello folks!

Well, I'm back on the internet-ma-bob-thingie and you'll all be needing to find out what's been a-happening here.

So I will tell you.

I went to Duthie Park with Eve and Grace and their parent people!


So, at the moment, the park is being worked on! How exciting!

They are going to make it a little bit like the way it was when my father was a wee boy. 

It had paddle boats and everything, and this summer they are putting all of that back in!

There is a cool new park that looks like a Smurf village and Grace (who's a very old teenager) had fun playing in it! I didn't get a picture of it though.

This is a new fountain, and there will be flowers in the bare soil! Woof!

This is where the paddle boats will be, I think...

Yes, it is. I might have a shot at it! Woof!

Where are we going now Eve?

To the big hill!
They have turfed it all, but it used to have dead roses on it.
Woof, it is nicer now.

What is this young person doing at the top?
She is even smiling at our camera. Strange.

You can see the bandstand from here! Woof!

Grace went and sat at the top, but I couldn't get up there.
This is Eve trying to coax me up!

There was a friendly pug also, but I was scared of her.
Her name was Charlie, not Elvis this time!

Woofing nice photography there, Grace...

Yes, I sat there for a long time!

And then we went home!

Oh! I saw a Goose impersonator! At first, I was sure it was THE REAL Goose, but Eve told me it wasn't...


Toooooodaaaay, I went to the normal park with Eve (she kidnapped me again).

Oh, but first, I went to see my springer spaniel friend Dermot.
 He has chewed off his thumb-paw-thing (you know, the thumb dogs have halfway up their arms), so he is wearing a pink cone of shame, because he is a bit of a girl.

Eve decided to tire me out with my ball.

You will NEVER tire me out!

Woof, we played with my ball. A lot.

We ran through the burn...

Eve, you cheater, you are using the bridge! Woof!

I'm not going in if you won't this time!

We crossed the many bridges...

There's a bit of sand in the middle of the big-burn-bit...

We went down there too! Woof!

We played hide and seek...

And I posed in the crocuses. Woof!

At this point, we were in the other park, and this happened:

  • A very big dog ran over and I was scared.
  • I was off the lead, and Eve got very worried.
  • The big dog started chasing me.
  • Eve was screaming for me to come back, but the dog wouldn't stop chasing me.
  • I ran out of the park onto the pavement. Aaaaaaagh! Woof.

Luckily, Eve caught up with me before I could get to the road, and she clipped me up. 
The big dog went back to his owner, who looked shocked. 
He waved his hand to say sorry, but I was still very scared.

Eve and I sat down on a bench, and she gave me a cuddle and a tickle and apologised and gave me into trouble and all that....

Then we started playing again! Woof!

You can see my tongue is sticking out A LOT!
I like this picture! That's why it's bigger than the rest!
Eve fairly tired me out!

We went back home, and did some clicker-agility-sort-of-stuff.

This is for Sara's challenge sort of thing.

I had to jump over Eve's leg without her using hand signals, only her voice!

This is how we got on...

Not bad, I say!

So, did YOU have a Happy Easter? What did you get up to? I'd love to know!

Thank you for visiting, it's good to be back!

Bye for now,
Pippa :) wuf wuf


  1. Good job on your "over"! Pippa looks like such a happy girl. Can't wait to see your "under".

  2. Pippa your park is sure having a good makeover. It looks swell. Yikes big dogs can be scary. Glad everything was OK in the end. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a wonderful park. Other than the scary dog, sounds like a great day.

  4. Dear Pippa, don't do those things like to run out of the park! You scared us to death! The park looks very nice, so you must remain there! Ok? Big dogs aren't always bad dogs, believe me! :)
    Mom had a very bad backache on Easter and we went to the park under the snow, because I need to go out every day, but in the afternoon mom was out of order and that was no fun for all the family. Now she feels better, but only because she is under drugs! :)
    So, dear Pippa, work so joyful as you did in your nice video and show us your progress, please!

  5. Well that park is going to be beautiful...and we have also scared mom many times with running away and not listening...that is why we have to go into alcatraz once our feet touches the yard.
    stella rose and mags

  6. You have done some growing while you have been away - you don't have such a puppy look - now be a grown up young lady - I bet you still act like a puppy though :) Looks like your park is going to be wonderful - hopefully scary dogs stay away

  7. Pippa you are very very photogenic!!! I love your facial markings and your posture!!
    Well done pretty friend.
    hugs madi your bFFF

  8. Good gravies you has been a busy bee! I am glad dat man was thoughtful enough to apologiz, some peoples don't even do dat. I am so sorry you gotted skeered.
    Your park is gonna be so incredibl when it is done. I mean it is already fab so da finished product is gonna be grand!


  9. you sure have your supermodel poses down

    urban hounds

  10. LOL! It didn't take long for you to figure out the training treats were behind her back ;-)

  11. You were very busy. Duthie Park is going to be fantastic this summer. You'll have to go back to report on it again.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Wow, that's a lot of super photos Pippa - thanks. I love the new park!

  13. Holy Dogs what adventures you have!!! I was so scared for you when the big dog was chasing you, I am so glad Eve got you in time. I was shaking for you. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. Oooh what a scary incident with that big doggy, glad your ok though. What a wonderful park you have!


  15. That is scary that you were chased by the big dog!! Good thing you got back to your mom OK. Looks like that park is gonna be great when they make all those changes.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Hi Pippa, thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to meet you. You are very beautiful. Our Mom once had a sheltie named Shane. But he was a sable color. You have a lovely place there for some great walks.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. You have some really nice parks. Do you think you'll go on the paddle boats this summer? We still have quite a bit of snow and it's still cold, no crocuses here yet :-(

  18. Very nice parks Pippa. Glad you are safe and did not get out in the road
    Bailey, Hazel &Greta

  19. Pippa, you are so beautiful! How I admire you have so many beautiful parks. Most of the parks here are not dog friendly and there is only one or two that I can go all the time. I don't like scary dogs as they are rude and rough.


  20. Pippa
    It's gweat to have you back!!!! Youw Duthie Pawk is going to be extwa bootiful(Mommi and Daddi have been thewe yeaws ago and loved it) you awe sooo lucky to have so much play time and wunning awound..I gots a littol scawed about you being chased and almost going in the woad, thank dog you'we all wight. that pictoowe of you wif the cwocuses is twuly gowgoos
    smoochie kisses

  21. Well most of that was fun. Except the big dog chasing you. That was very very scary! You should always run TO your people when you're scared! They will never let you get hurt! Glad you had a 99% good Easter though! We were lazy here and did not do anything at all!

  22. Pippa you are just aroooootiful and what a big, happy smile you have!

    Wally & Sammy

  23. Hi Pippa, glad you got to go to Duthie Park too. But did you know that they have been working on it now for well over a year and it still isn't finished.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (who is looking forward to being able to access all areas of his favourite park again sometime this decade!)

  24. THAT was some MAJOR FUN times you had there. Will you be allowed to ride the paddle boats?
    THAT would be SPLENDID.

  25. Hey Pippa! Nice to meet you! Wows, you sure have had a FABulous time...glads you got to play in your park again! I'm so glads that that big doggie didn't catch you! Just remember next time ~ run TO your Moms! She could have snatched you up, and protected you from that bully. Well, at least you were able to still have funs!
    Oh, and I loved your video! Very cool...I especially liked how you tried to steal the treaties from Graces hands!! BOL...that would be MY trick! hehehe

  26. Human parks are probably not much fun for you. Crazy adventure with the big chasing dog. Glad no one got hurt.

  27. My Lee loves paddle boats, sadly she says I make the boat rock to much because I jump around at the water coming out the back made by the paddle. Now for all those dogs that frighten you, try and be brave, dog friends are great to have. Those crocuses are beautiful and you sitting there makes them ever prettier.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week.
    Sweet William The Scot

  28. Holly Molly youz been buzy, Poor Dermot, pink cone of shame..Bawahhaaaa good job'z youz didn't run out on the road.Phew... Your park is gonna look fab when it's finished..Have a great Sunday xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  29. Hi Pippa! I love your new trick! You jump over so high and cleanly. Also I loved all the photos of you - my favorite is the big one of you in the crocuses!

  30. Hello Pippa!! We were waiting for you to come back!
    I love your photos, especially "Woofing nice photography" and you in the pretty crocuses. But what our mummy love the BEST is Eve's hoody!!!
    Mummy is going to get one.
    Love Coco and Silky

  31. My you have been BUSY Pippa! Aside from the doggy that chased you, it looks like you've been enjoying yourself immensely Yay! :D

    Waggin at ya,


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