Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cheese! Alien! Snow!

So, on Thursday Eve came round for lunch!

She had her wilambrawonga, then she had a little bit of Markie's very own Normandy Brie cheeeeeeese...

Oh, I had to try some. Woof.

Question for blogville:
Can dogs have cheese?

Pippa's answer:
I dunno, but who really cares!

Actually my friend Dermot was trained with wee bitties of cheese, so it can't be tooooo bad.

Ok, so I did my cheese-please-woof face, and it worked!
Get in! (using popular catch phrases to get in with the kids)

Eve gave me a wee bit of cheese, and boy did it taste good... woof...

I licked my lips and wagged my tail as the brie tangoed around my mouth - don't ask me what tango they did, I do watch Strictly but I don't speak English.
Or do I?


More up to date, I have been hypnotising people with my eyes as this photograph clearly represents.

Now, I can interpret what exactly I am trying to tell you here. It goes like this...
Woof, woof, tickle my tummy, woof, play with me, woof, lets play hide and seek...

Have I ever mentioned to you that we play hide and seek a lot? Not mother and father (they're both over 80), me and Eve!
I'm rubbish alright at it, but I don't know how to hide. I'm OK at seeking aswell, and my reaction is very funny when I find people.

Anyways, back to hypnotics.

My hypnotism is very successful and I always get played with! Although people can't remember what happened before that!
Wasn't me!

                           <-- Innocent face

Now, about snow!

So, the snow went away last week, but last night, it came to say it's final farewell. It fell quite thickly too!
Here is my conversation with it this morning:

Pippa: Hello, snow! I see you're back!
Snow: Yes I am. It's jolly good to see you Pip, I hope you've had a spiffingly good week without me!
Pippa: Oh, it wasn't bad. It was a wee bit wet, but I had a right good time inside playing around!
Snow: Did you miss me at all?
Pippa: Yes, so much, snow!
Snow: What did you miss most about me Pip?
Pippa: Rolling in you, walking on you, shovelling you up with my nose, dancing on you and making you yellow! Ha ha!
Snow: Argh! Not again Pip! I'm off!

And that was it.
It's sort of melted, sort of not. It really is off!
Was I a bit intimidating? I hope not.

Hope you have a happy weekend!
Pip :) wuf wuf


  1. Cheese And Snow! What a great week.

  2. Keltic gets cheese for training treats too, so I'm pretty sure it's okay for dogs.

  3. Number ONE: Dogs NEED cheese! And it has nothing to do with your laser eyes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Hey Pippa... we are all so glad that you liked the Sledding Day.

    Now about Cheese..

    I housebroke my brother ERNIE by using the Cheese fur Pees method.. Worked out... like a CHARM.. BaaaaaWaaaaaah.

    And we agree with Daisy,Bella, and ERNIE's ROXY... DOGS NEED Cheese!!!

  5. Cheese is perfectly fine for doggies - as a treat r for taking medicine - unless the doggie has lactose allergies. Basically the only things you really have to watch is chocolate, onion and some types of nuts. Do a search online there may be some others - but in general moderation is the the key

  6. Cheese is good. Yummy even and good. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hi Pippa - thanks for dropping by my blog. Although we don't live in Scotland we may visit now and again :-) Cheese is yummy but I can't have too much as I have to watch my weight :-( also mini schnauzers can suffer pancreatitis so have to not have too much fat in their food but as a treat it's fine - and YUMMY :-) Woofs and licks from Magic xx


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