Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you've all had a brilliant day!

Today, I went to see Grace and Eve at their house.
They were so excited, even though they're both teenagers!
I jumped out the car but I couldn't go into the house because their mum says I'm too hairy. What nonsense - I'm a sheltie!
Eve tried to smuggle me in but got caught.
So everyone went inside and left me and her outside.

Eve took out a present, it was for me!
I was too interested in her red jeans to open it so instead I vaguely watched her open it for me.
It was a Christmas hat!
Eve told me that she had sewn it so I must not eat it, whatever the excuse.

I tied it under my chin and got a bit confused - what was it, why was it on my head and how did it get there? I quickly remembered that it was a Santa hat, it was on my head because that's where hats go and Eve put it on my head. Phew. Panic over!

Except I tried to shake it off. I could just see a glimpse of something red hovering over my head. Woof!

Eve said "Lets go up to the pet shop!"
The adults said "No, it's closed."
I said "Can we go for a walk?"
The adults said "No it's too cold."
Eve and I said "But it's Christmas!"

Eve had to go inside and do something, and nobody wanted to stay outside with me.
So guess what?
I had to wait in the car.

I howled and howled and howled at the window.
What's worse, I could see Eve sadly gazing at me from the house because she couldn't come out!

Finally, we managed to get some quality time together again!

Then I had to go to my other human-cousin's house for Christmas dinner.
That was fun!

I spent the day wearing my santa hat around my neck!

Hope everyone out there on Planet Earth had a jolly Christmas!
Pippa :) wuf wuf
P.S. Might not hear from me for a while. All this blogging is tiring. In the meantime, what should my next word-of-the-month be?


  1. Merry Essexmas.

    We love your hat.

    We've had Collie Cookie Cutters for quite some time. The place we got purchased them from has went out of bussiness, but you can still find some in cyberpaw space. If you need any help, e-bark us.

    Essex & Sherman

  2. Hi Pippa. Stopping by from the cow spot dogs blog. Merry christmas. It was nice to meet u. Lassie and Benji the Shelties

  3. Well really - what kind of peeps wouldn't let a little sheltie in their house - that is plain mean - and on Christmas too!!! And there you were wearing a silly Christmas hat too! Bah Humbug we say!

  4. Hi Pippa,
    To start off...a very merry Christmas and a lovely New Year.
    I saw you visited my blog at , http://sheltie-jissa.blogspot.be/ , and you were wondering were I was from :)
    Well I live in Belgium, so it can be really difficult for you to understand everything I'm writing about and grasp all my adventures I have together with my doggy-owners :)
    My pack-leaders like geocaching....and...so do I because it takes me on a regularely basis to the woods were I can run and sniff and bark and play :)
    Oh...must not forget...thanks for the compliment...it's well taken :)
    And....you look lovely too espacially in your Christmas outfit :)
    To end my little message I'll tell you a secret.....Stay tuned on my blog because I'm in for a surprise in the next few days...that's what my doggy-owners say at least :)
    I wonder what it could be ! :)
    Greetings from Belgium and I will be visting your blog to follow up on your adventures :)

  5. Merry Christmas, Pippa. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's really nice to meet you. I think the word for January should be "renewal".

  6. Hello Pippa,
    We love your Christmas hat! Eve is very good, isn't she? You are lucky girly girl, Pippa!


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