Monday, 31 December 2012


Today is Hogmanay, tomorrow is 2013! Where has this year gone?

Let's reflect on 2012...


The toy beneath me is Squeaky. Eve and Grace gave him to me for Christmas 2011. He no longer has a tail.


Waiting for a walk with Eve!


A sunny walk!


You've seen this before maybe, but I like it. Grace sounds funny!


That day was brilliant, and very warm!


I sit very nicely when I'm tempted by a treat!


A trip to the beach!


One of the gold postboxes in my town!


This is me and Meece!


My favourite picture, me and Eve at the Victoria park, taken by Grace.


The yellow tree, in Victoria park!


Me and Eve at Christmas.

Well, this year has certainly been a brilliant year!
What's yours been like?


Today, I went to the pet shop and the beach with mother and father.
Then Grace and her dad person came to see me! They had been into town. I was happy to see them!

Except, they brought a new hoover (vacuum cleaner) because my one had died AND they hadn't brought Eve.

I ran round looking for Eve but she wasn't there! Eve? Eve? Woof! Where are you?!
Me and Eve have telepathic connections. She told me through her brain that she was at home practising her unicycling. (I'm being serious)

Usually when people say to me "Here's Eve" or "Where's Eve?", I run to the door. But today I sulked instead.

What's worse, they switched on the new hoover and it tried to eat me.

Where's Eve? I'm always happy when she's here but today I just lay down and felt sorry for myself.

Oh my dogness! I need to tell you something really scary!

We live near the theatre in town and tonight at midnight, at 2013, they are firing big sparkly things called fireworks off the top of it!

Aaaaaargh! We have a jolly good view of it from our front window, so I'll have to scream my head off while giant bright sparkly things explode over my head.

Isn't that just BRILLIANT.

Well, on a happier note, I hope everyone has a healthy, happy new year! Please do enjoy it because I will do so a lot! 

See you all in 2013!
Pippa :) wuf wuf
(in 2012)

P.S. Please make suggestions for my next word of the month, they are all welcome!


  1. Pippa we left you a new year message today on your last post as we were not sure if we'd see you today.
    Have a nice one.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Barky New Year Pippa. Essex will spend it right next to Dad, as she does not like fire works.

  3. Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Hello!! Thank you for your message - They are on yet another holiday without me. She said it was a well deserved break after the last year if work but I am not happy about being left behind AGAIN. But She will be home soon and the family unit will be back together again!!!

    Happy 2013!!!




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