Thursday, 25 October 2012

Learning to pose


Today, G. and E. came for soup, as usual. I was pleased to see them and did my little dance!
After their lunch, they told me we were going for a walk together! Yippee! I love going for walks with G. and E!
Then, E. told me it might rain; I would have to put on my jacket...
When I had my jacket on, I stood still for a while with my head hanging miserably. I hate that jacket!

We walked up the road to the new pet shop and had a look inside.
It was very quiet and small, and there was a nice lady at the till who spoke to me and gave me a treat, but I didn't eat it, I was too distracted by the pigs ears. They smelt so good!! I just couldn't get my head out of the tub of them!!! Then E. told me I couldn't have one because it was smelly and over priced for a pigs ear. I was so disappointed, E. ruined my moment of happiness!

We walked further up the road and into a new vintage shop. G. was happy because she likes that stuff. Me and E. were preparing to wait outside for 10 minutes of boredom when the lovely women in the shop said I could go in! Woof! I was excited to see such a strange shop!! The lady told me she had two doggies aswell and I jumped on her and gave her a kiss, she didn't mind! G. was gazing in awe at a teapot which looked like a Royal Mail postbox. I started to get bored and whined a lot, so E. took me outside.

We were walking to the park when E. suddenly stopped and said "Look, a VW campervan!"
She likes those kinds of vehicles so me and her stopped to have our photo taken by G. I liked the colour of it!

E. put up her Buff because she said she didn't want her face on my blog, it may ruin my fame.

G. said this was my first try at posing! I tried very hard but couldn't stay still. It was exciting to get my photo taken with a big orange campervan! E. told me that one day, me and her will drive around and live in one of them. I said Ok, but how will I  do my blog in the middle of a field?

We went into the park. It was very quiet today. There were one or two doggies and a few children and some council people cleaning up all the leaves.
We were walking along when G. said "STOP! This would make a nice picture- all those leaves and the trees and Pippa and E. walking along..."
She took a photo, it's rather good I think.

As we walked, G. and E. asked me what I think of this referendum thing (Should Scotland become independent from UK?). They told me that when they have the vote, I will be old enough in dog years to vote! Woof! I'm sure they'll let me! I will vote NO because I like the royal family and also it would be a shame after the olympics, because people like Andy Murray and Chris Hoy won their gold medals for Great Britain, and now Alex Salmond wants to rip it all up! I could become a politician, could I?!

Anyways, back to our walk.
I was walking around off the lead today, because there were no big doggies who might try and eat me. We were walking around, when I spotted a nice little stone thing. I sat on it in a nice pose and asked for my photo to be taken. G. said "Well done Pip, you are getting the hang of posing!"
I said, "Why thank you!" The only thing is, my jacket is very visible...

G. was moaning because she wanted to go back home and read her book. Why???
I told her to stay with us just a bit longer because she might get to take more photos of me and E.
So she did! And here's a lovely photo of us now!

G. took one photo on her phone and one on E's iPod. (I always use E's iPod for my blog photos)
She began to boast that the one on her phone was better and brighter. I have to admit, it was. But I like them both the same!

We walked down a little lane in the park. E. said "This is pretty, lets get a picture of Pip here". There was a couple of humans behind me, so I had my photo taken with the use of a dog biscuit to keep me still. It looks good though, my pose is rather funny. Also, I was proud that I didn't run towards the human couple, because I was off the lead. That is an achievement for me! Woof!

After a quick run around on the grass, we went home. That was good fun was it! Here's a photo of me. I was posing until G. and E. called my name to make me look at the camera, and I ran towards them. Ah well, it is still very good!!!

When we got home, I was so tired, I couldn't even play with my ball! That is weird for me!!!

I look very tired, do I?
Me and E. played our little game when we put my kibble-food in my water bowl and I have to snorkel to get it. Then I fell asleep....

Thanks for visiting my blog again!
See you all next week!
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From, Pippa :) wuf wuf

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  1. Hello Pippa, You are lucky to have good friends, E and G. Silky and I have many human friends but we normally see them only in the park or on the pavement by chance.
    We like all your photos, expecially the photos with colourful leaves are very nice. Our mummy always take photo of us on the leaves, too. We are waiting for your next blog. Love Coco and Silky


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